Pro-choice ideologues are a gullible bunch. They want so much to believe abortionists are good people that they allow themselves to be victimized by these obvious predators.

Case in point: late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

Last week in opposition to Operation Rescue’s Summer of Mercy 2.0, held at Carhart’s Germantown, Maryland, abortion mill, pro-aborts staged a Summer Celebration of Choice.

Interestingly, for all the “This Clinic Stays Open” signs, Carhart closed his mill for the week. But I digress.

The Summer Celebration of Choice logo states it is “a project of , with locations in Bellevue, NE and Germantown, MD, and the Abortion Access Fund, Inc. is an ad for Carhart’s mills.

Abortion Access Fund, Inc. links back to either Summer Celebration of Choice or, AAF’s info and donation page. AAF lists its incorporators  (which I can only read on my computer by highlighting the blank beige page at “Articles of Incorporation”) as (click to enlarge)…

Mary Lou Carhart is LeRoy’s wife, and Janine Carhart is his daughter. Thus, Mary Lou, LeRoy, and Janine are AAF’s officers.

So Carhart himself organized the Summer Celebration of Choice and is asking for donations to be given to his own fund.

The SCoC kick-off walk page states AAF is a “501(c)(3) charitable organization whose primary mission is to help ensure that no woman is refused the health care she needs due to lack of money.”

In other words, Carhart is using AAF to raise money to finance abortions he commits.

As for the 501(c)(3) part, although AAF was established in 2000, the IRS has no record of the 501(c)(3) charity Abortion Access Fund located in Bellevue, NE, nor does Guidestar.  According to this 2000 fundraising letter (click to enlarge)…

Eleven years later, we’re still waiting. According to Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, AAF has never filed an IRS Form 990. According to that original fundraising letter, AAF was organized to secure a $350,000 mortgage for Carhart’s Nebraska abortion mill.

The IRS does list National Network of Abortion Funds as a charity, as does Guidestar. But neither “Carhart” nor “Abortion Access Fund” are included in any of its Form 990s 2007-09.

NNAF lists AAF as one of its 95 local members, but how AAF reports its funds to the IRS is unknown.

NNAF states about AAF, “If… you need help paying for your abortion, ask at the clinic about the Abortion Access Fund.” Again, and in other words, all proceeds from AAF go to reimburse Carhart for abortions.

In a video Carhart made for the Summer Celebration of Choice, he encouraged supporters to donate to AAF, stating (beginning at 1:47):

This first annual Summer Celebration of Choice will be sponsored by and any proceeds and funds raised will go to the Abortion Access Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering the availability of reproductive choice for women.

Carhart never stated AAF was his own slush slash fund used to underwrite abortions he commits, disingenuous, to say the least…


But hey, there is good news, after all. The sucker raising the most money to pad Carhart’s pockets won a dinner with Carhart.

[Top photo via – apparently another website operated by Carhart]

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