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  • Abortion State shares the eye-opening results of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, which reveal use of the Pill causes loss of bone density, leading to greater likelihood of fractures later in life. Females actively gain bone mass during their teens and early 20s, when usage of BCPs is typically highest.

  • Americans United for Life shows ABC News and Slate relied on biased information from Ibis Reproductive Health, a pro-abortion group, when reporting the supposed safety of telemed abortions:On a separate area of the website, Ibis admits that its “projects focus on improving access to abortion.” In other words, the “study” cited by ABC is no “study” at all. Ibis was conducing “research” with the specific purpose of supporting “reproductive rights.” Its “study” was conducted to “accomplish its mission” and by “leveraging” research.

    This is a far cry from an independent researcher publishing results from a scientific study in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • Our newest blogroll addition, Down on the Pharm, discusses a NJ bill with the potential to prevent pharmacists from utilizing conscience protections when dispensing contraception (contrary to the Obama administration’s promises to uphold conscience protection laws).Pharmer also notes the World Health Organization considers hormonal contraception as a carcinogen, and mandates special packaging for it – yet our President and his HHS secretary want taxpayers to make sure all women can get this carcinogen for free.

  • The Anti-Abortion Gang reports the apparent controversy surrounding pro-life “silly bandz,” bracelets marketed to adolescents. An Abortion Gang blogger calls the bracelets “outright propaganda” that goes “too far.” Planned Parenthood markets sex to children, which can lead to more abortions, but teaching children about human life is “indoctrinating” them? 

    I thought the bands were so cute, I ordered them for my grandchildren from Heritage House.

  • Gerard Nadal at Coming Home shares his thoughts on the Catholic hospital in CO which refuses to disassociate itself from Dr. Richard Grossman, one of its physicians who moonlights as an abortionist for Planned Parenthood. Live Action did a telephone sting to his hospital office asking for an abortion, and office personnel referred the caller to PP, complete with phone number:


  • The Culture Vulture highlights an uplifting story about the Sisters of Life, who not only take traditional vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, but also a fourth vow “to protect and enhance the sacredness of human life.” These 70 strong, educated women with real life experience offer counseling, adoption assistance, and maternity housing.
  • Ethika Politika recommends Helen Alvaré’s recent Public Discourse article, which “contends that the greatest recent threat to women’s freedom came in last week’s recommendation by the Institute of Medicine that the new health care law should mandate ‘the full range of FDA-approved contraceptive methods [and] sterilization procedures’ as ‘preventive services.’”
  • Lisa Graas, a new contributor to Live Action, gives a point-by-point answer to a commenter who feels abortion is justified.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition laments a UK judge’s decision to allow the death by dehydration of a 54-year-old woman who has been declared to be in a persistent vegetative state. A chilling statement from a 1984 speech by euthanasia proponent Helga Kuhse shows the mentality of the right-to-die movement:If we can get people to accept the removal of all treatment and care – especially the removal of food and fluids – they will see what a painful way this is to die, and then, in the patient’s best interests, they will accept the lethal injection.

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