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  • At Live Action, Jennie Stone relays her experience during a sidewalk counseling session and prayer vigil in Madrid, where at least one baby’s life was saved because of the presence of the peaceful protesters.

  • Abolitionist Society discusses the need for “restoring honor and life to rape conceived women and their children. Women and children of rape should not carry shame that belongs to the rapists.”
  • Abstinence Clearinghouse has a “you can’t make this stuff up” post about a $75k Health and Human Services grant for “Community-Centered Healthy Marriage and Relationships” which specifically excludes proponents of abstinence education from applying, despite several studies showing the damaging social and sexual effects of multiple partners prior to marriage. AC muses:Would the Obama administration actually ban sexual abstinence programs while promoting healthy relationships? Sounds kind of like banning seatbelts while promoting car safety….

    What powerful group or groups benefit both politically and financially from teen pregnancy and how would those groups influence public policy?

  • Americans United for Life shares information on their 2011-12 Law Student Externship Program opportunity.
  • Fletcher Armstrong spots the contradiction: The University of Maryland Baltimore County endorsed showing graphic images of the civil rights movement in a recent event on their campus, but pro-life students had to sue the university to display pictures of abortion.
  • The Culture Vulture is unsurprised by new UK poll results showing young Christians (age 18-34) are more concerned about abortion and euthanasia than are older Christians (65 years+).
  • Generations for Life promotes National Pro-Life Chalk Day, to be held on September 8. This is a great, low cost way to use your own social media to educate and start conversations on abortion.
  • The Lost Generation references a report that provides expert scientific evidence for the humanity of the preborn from fertilization:In 71 pages, this report extensively details the modern scientific proof of the humanity and separate, unique life of the unborn child. No one who claims to truly believe in choice should turn away from at least reading the current evidence for human life in the womb….

    Based on testimony from expert geneticists and embryologists, the Task Force agreed, “There can no longer be any doubt that each human being is totally unique from the very beginning of his or her life at fertilization.”

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life highlights O. Carter Snead’s new Public Discourse essay in which he disagrees with the old Clinton election slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Snead points out that the life issue should be emphasized because pro-life issues “are intrinsically of greater moral significance than the other political issues of our day,” noting the “power of the presidency to affect these issues.”

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