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  • Abortion in Washington highlights an article from the pro-abortion Seattle Times which acknowledges that sending contraceptives to African countries has increased HIV deaths. AiW notes that “instead of sending food or health care overseas we send contraceptives that don’t fill any real human need. There is clearly an agenda at work.”
  • Americans United for Life reveals results of a recent Rasmussen poll – conveniently ignored by the mainstream media – which AUL says shows “46% oppose forcing ‘contraceptive’ coverage, while only 39% approve. This fact is a vast contrast to MSM of the ‘preventive services’ mandate, which would instead lead one to believe the mandate was welcomed with open arms by nearly everyone except a few stodgy, old Catholic bishops.”
  • Big Blue Wave posts a video of the arrest of Canadian pro-life protester Linda Gibbons by 7 police officers. This mild mannered, unassuming grandmother shames everyone with her consistent, peaceful presence advocating against the murder of children in the womb. Even the police officers seem ashamed of what they are doing. Pro-life speech is highly restricted in Canada:


  • Ethika Politika explains the way population alarmists view humanity and how their doomsday predictions continue to be embarrassingly wrong.
  • Moral Outcry has a series of videos discussing abortion as society’s “solution” to the “problem” of babies with disabilities – from the perspective of mothers of children with special needs.
  • Down on the Pharm posts video of Fr. Raphael Wanjohi, who “explains the U.S. campaigning and money behind the modification of the Kenyan Constitution which permits abortion.” Obama must be so proud of bringing abortion to his father’s homeland with the help of our tax money.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition believes Massachusetts may be the next U.S. state to legalize euthanasia.
  • Catholic Vote reports Sr. Carol Keehan, who publicly supported Obamacare, and the Catholic Healthcare Association, are expressing “concern over the narrow scope of the conscience exception in the [HHS] mandate.” Keehan, whose flawed thinking is at odds with Catholic doctrine, denies that abortifacients are covered.
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