How did my daughter Daena and new husband Andy Moore spend their Saturday? Scoping out Dallas abortion mills. The apple and son-in-law don’t fall far from the tree.

The two picked up a fee schedule at the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center and found that it actually charges for counseling.

SWSC also misleads on the cost of abortion since there are mandatory add-ons: sonogram, pregnancy test, and lab work, which total $160. (According to other SWSC literature Daena and Andy got, the sonogram is “necessary” to “determine the size of your pregnancy,” i.e., how much to charge.)  How much does an abortion cost?  Click to enlarge…

By comparison, pregnancy care centers offer ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, and counseling free. They also offer maternity and baby/child clothing, diapers, baby formula, and financial assistance to pregnant mothers, again free, just to name some.

And as an aside, the SWSC’s fee schedule gives a quick demonstration of how Planned Parenthood (unrelated to this abortion mill but provides identical services) manipulates its abortion stats so it can say abortion constitutes only “3% of its services.” In the case of a mother coming to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, it would say it provided at least 4-5 services aside from the abortion – even though they were all solely abortion-related – diluting the truth.

(“NAF” is the National Abortion Federation, and “TEA” is the Texas Equal Access Fund – both included on the price sheet in case a mother can’t cough up enough money for her abortion. SWSC obviously offers no sliding scale based on income.)

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