Conventional “wisdom” says that when a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer when 16 weeks pregnant, the woman aborts. Not so X Factor Australia contestant Pamela Cook.

The 30-yr-old single teacher was diagnosed in June 2010 but determined to let her son Zion live despite medical advice. “There’s no way I could terminate [my baby’s] life, she told New Idea magazine [via]. “I just knew if I prayed hard enough, I’d be okay.”

Zion was delivered nine weeks early “to minimise the baby’s exposure to the drugs used to save her life,” according to the Daily Record.

Cook finished chemo this past March. She and Zion are doing well. Cook decided to audition for the X Factor because through her experience she said she learned “life’s too short.”

On August 30’s show, Cook gave her stirring pro-life testimony before belting out Kelly Clarkson’s Because of You. That show got the highest ratings in Australia for the night. Cook’s video has now been viewed almost 250,000 times on YouTube


And about that conventional wisdom? It’s outdated. According to

Women who were diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy did as well in the long term as women with the same type and stage of cancer who were not pregnant when they were diagnosed.

As for the baby, according to

Radiation, chemotherapy, and drug therapy are not typically given during pregnancy because they can potentially harm the fetus. However, recent studies show that women who receive chemotherapy during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy (after the first three months) still have good chances of having healthy babies. In more than one study, women who received chemotherapy during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy had live births and only a few had complications from the chemotherapy, such as early labor and low birth weight.

Sorry to say Cook was cut from the X Factor on September 14. But her testimony will continue to inspire countless mothers diagnosed with breast cancer to let their babies live.

[HT: Thomas Peters at Live Action; photo via Adelaide Now]

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