I’d call these hate crimes. Will Obama’s Justice Department? From BuffaloNews.com, today:

Two different pro-life groups conducting public demonstrations have been the victims of criminal offenses….

Earlier this week, a temporary cemetery display of wooden crosses memorializing aborted fetuses was vandalized on the University of Buffalo’s North Campus.

And last week, several individuals praying outside a Buffalo abortion clinic were pelted with eggs and dog feces, according to authorities….

In all, the UB Students for Life’s Cemetery of Innocents display of 330 crosses was vandalized three times during the three days it was up.

First, someone(s) took the crosses down between last Sunday night and Monday morning and put them in garbage bags. At least they were neat. Images of the perpetrators were captured on university police surveillance camera (above), although the police have not yet captured the perpetrators

SFLers put the crosses back in place but later spotted a woman and man pulling them up again. The big, bad tough guy taught one of the crosses a lesson by kicking and breaking it. Then he was arrested:

Police charged Jake M. DiVeronica [pictured right, from his Amazon profile] 21, of Canastota, with criminal mischief….

UB police continue to investigate, and a $500 reward has been offered for information leading to additional arrests.

Jake outted himself on the UBFreethinkers Facebook page, although his lawyer must have told him to delete his confession, because it’s now gone. Fortunately, our side saved a screen shot. Warning, a little vulgarity…

Finally, Tuesday, a small mob tried to destroy the display yet again. An SFLer reported in an email, “At one point an older woman, who was with a group of 7 girls, shouted, ‘Let’s start a riot.'”

UB Students for Life ended their display Tuesday evening. Here’s what it looked like when not being vandalized by pro-aborts…

And here are our bold, brave, and committed UB pro-life students. We’re proud of you!

This was the second time UB Students for Life has erected a Cemetery of Innocents display this year… and the second time their display has been repeatedly vandalized.

The pro-life group that was pelted with dog feces and eggs is part of the 40 Days for Life campaign standing vigil outside the Buffalo WomenServices abortion mill. There have been no arrests in that crime.

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