Several weeks ago pro-lifer Michele Herzog of Pro-Life Action Ministries began noticing deathscorts at the All Women’s Health Center abortion clinic in Altamonte Springs, FL (near Orlando), directing cars to park elsewhere when their lot was full.

Pro-lifers estimate the mill kills between 10-25 babies a day.

Herzog followed the cars and saw they were all parking 2-1/2 blocks away at the Altamonte Springs Public Library. Click aerial photo, right, to enlarge.

Several questions immediately emerged.

Did city officials know about this? Were local zoning ordinances being flouted – with the city’s help? Were other businesses allowed to use the library for overflow parking? Would the city be liable if aborting mothers fell, got hit by a car, or were otherwise injured on the long trek to and from their cars, particularly post-operatively? (Pro-lifers observed the abortion mill does not provide shuttle service for aborting mothers either coming or going.)

After librarians told Herzog the decision about parking was the City’s, she went to City Hall and was told officials had to discuss the matter.

Michele received a call from a police lieutenant several hours later, saying city officials had decided to take a “neutral” position, allowing the status quo.

“He told me if they stopped women from parking in the library parking lot they would be choosing sides and giving in to us,” Michele wrote me in an email. “I politely responded, ‘This isn’t about taking sides, this is about an abortion clinic using a library parking lot paid for by taxpayers to be used  for the library.’ I told him that by taking this ‘neutral’ position, the city had chosen a side.”

Herzog and her team of pro-lifers are no wilting flowers. Last week they staged a protest at the library, with everyone parking their cars at the library, including a Truth Truck. I love these people!

Police showed up and said the pro-lifers had to move their cars and the Truth Truck or their vehicles would be towed.

But this was obviously an unneutral position, which Michele called them on. Officers responded that the city was no longer allowing the abortion mill to let overflow vehicles park at the library, but Michele said she needed to verify this. She called Assistant City Manager Mark Butler, who told her the officer was incorrect. Here’s video of the scene…


I also called Butler, who told me the city does indeed have zoning ordinances and also carries liability insurance. As for the abortion mill, he told me, “I’m not aware that the abortion clinic sends cars to the library.”

I said that if he were made aware, would he do anything about it?

“The parking is for the public, so if they’re the public, they have the right to park there,” Butler responded.

Meanwhile, in thousands of libraries across the land are the signs, “Parking for library patrons only.”

The city has taken an untenable position. If abortion clinic patrons can park at the library, so can pro-lifers. And they plan to, along with the Truth Truck, as long as Altamonte officials remain “neutral” by subsidizing the local abortion mill.

Pro-lifers will not let this one go. There is a City Commission Meeting tonight at City Hall, located at 225 Newburyport Avenue, which pro-lifers plan to attend to make their voices heard. All interested in making public comments must be in the building no later than 6:50p.

Stay tuned.

[HT: Carder]

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