Warning: Graphic and disturbing photos ahead.

Halloween affords yet another opportunity to point out how differently pro-lifers and pro-choicers think.

Pro-life thoughts on this day range from designing cute pro-life pumpkins, to changing our Facebook profiles to remind Americans of the “true horror” in our midst.

Pro-abortion thoughts range from tacky, to gross, to sick, making light of all that is sacred.

Planned Parenthood of New York City posted these suggestions for Halloween costumes, for instance:

  • Dress all in copper and put copper pipe cleaners on your head: you’re an IUD!
  • Drape ivy over your shoulders and paint a big “F” on your shirt: You’re IVF.
  • Dress like a baby and attach test tubes to yourself (or drink from them): You’re a Test Tube baby!
  • Wear all your winter gear and curl into the fetal position whenever possible: You’re a frozen embryo.
  • Wear galoshes and carry an oar: You’re roe v wade.
  • Walk around with a bunch of babies: You’re “abstinence only” sex education.
  • Wear a Trojan helmet and a clear raincoat: you’re a Trojan condom.
  • Wear all black, but then spell out the word “Damn” on your chest with bright green dental floss: You’re a Dental Dam!
  • Yesterday’s Ms. blog headline blared, “In Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness, Dress Up for Halloween as Your Favorite Victim or Abuser!,” with a lovely photo sample, left.

    The title was meant to be sarcastic; the writer was actually unhappy with the element of our society that would do such a thing.

    Nevertheless, some might say this is no different than when pro-lifers show the reality of abortion through graphic photos of aborted babies.

    If this is true, then the other side should stop complaining when we do.

    And we would never make light of the reality of abortion on a day such as Halloween, when gruesomeness becomes sport.

    The Ms. blog writer linked to a couple other awful costumes, this one of a self-abortion…

    … and this one, posted at beyond-awesome.com, interestingly, “where a fun loving couple decided to go as a horrific murderer and a butchered pregnant girl,” as she described it…

    I simply can’t fathom the minds that would make fun of such evil.

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