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  • Mark Crutcher addresses his accusers in the wake of his Life Dynamics exposé about Bishop Patrick Zurek and Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang writes about the ways pro-choicers use children to advance their political and moral (or immoral) agenda (warning – post quotes some graphic sources). AAG debunks the claim that “you can’t stop kids from having sex,” and addresses the touting of child rape/incest pregnancies to continue to keep abortion legal in all circumstances.

  • International Prolife Youth will stage a die-in at their upcoming conference in Los Angeles, to be held November 11-13:

    Imagine a busy street in L.A. People walking quickly past, headed to work or lunch, hardly mindful of the world around them… until a young person collapses at their feet. Right there on the pavement. Then another, and another. The walking people stop, and see. There are bodies all around them, curled into fetal positions. Other youth are chalking lines around their motionless forms. Some are covering them over with blood-red cloth.

    Suddenly, people who may have never even considered the death of 42 million preborn children every year worldwide are standing face to face with abortion.

  • Abstinence Clearinghouse links to a blog series on the consequences of cohabitation, an increasingly common practice in society, even among professing Christians.
  • Big Blue Wave highlights a portion of a study on the effects of the Pill on women’s relationships, which suggests that oral contraceptive users tend to select different partners than they would if not using OCs.

  • Bryan Kemper reports his observations on this year’s Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, held in schools across the country, where pro-life students boldly took a stand for life:

    Many of these kids faced some heavy persecution from both their peers and school faculty as they went through the day. Students told me about dirty looks, rude comments, eye rolls and outright harassment — and this was from teachers. They talked about how other students would make comments about how they should have been aborted or how stupid pro-life was, but no matter what they faced they took a stand and shined a light in their schools.

  • Star Studded Super Step joins the growing chorus of pro-lifers dissatisfied with GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s recent statements on abortion in the cases of rape and incest.
  • Moral Outcry addresses the disturbing statistic which shows 61 percent of women who abort already have at least one born child:

    Abortion is not an answer to financial difficulties. Abortion is not an option because one more is “too much to handle.” It’s not okay to kill your child because you don’t have money to feed them. It’s not okay to murder a living, growing being because you feel your family is already “complete.” It goes against every God-given instinct that has been placed in a mother to fend for and protect her children.

    Mothers are called to lay down their lives and sacrifice for their babies, not destroy their children’s lives so they can be more comfortable.

  • The Abolitionist Society of OK has a detailed post on what pro-lifers today can learn from the early abolitionists, and sums up:

    Recognizing the rights of people of African descent is not a point of contention today because there is no doubt as to their membership in the species. So too, the personhood of the preborn is not a belief, but an undeniable biological fact. If it is not, one would have to make the case that it is man’s place to determine which living human beings are persons based on the various biological properties they possess.

    During the days of institutionalized slavery that property was “race”—today the enemies of God declare it to be a question of “age.”

  • Youth Defence shares video of the Viva la Vida Festival in Madrid, part of World Youth Day. The event featured Cardinal Pell, Lila Rose, Youth Defence Australia, and others:


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