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  • Down on the Pharm points out the inconsistencies in the Obama administration’s concerns over food safety (tainted cantaloupes recently caused 13 deaths and 72 illnesses) while ignoring the 14 deaths and 2,207 adverse effects suffered by users of chemical abortion drugs.

  • The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition reports on a “euthanasia free-for-all” bill introduced in South Australia:

    The bill effectively removes from the homicide section of the criminal code direct killing and assisting in suicide if the defendant (doctor or nurse or others assisting) “believed on reasonable grounds that the person was an adult person of sound mind who was suffering from an illness, injury or other medical condition that irreversibly impaired the personís quality of life so that life had become intolerable to that person (the qualifying illness).”

  • Moral Outcry expresses excitement about the recent surge in positive fatherhood messages, as evidenced by the new movie, Courageous, as well as’s new billboards promoting fatherhood from conception onward.
  • Family Research Council reports that NIH Director Francis Collins has “approved three more human embryonic stem cell lines for taxpayer funding, bringing the total to 135. Itís been about a month since the last approvals, and just over three months since the rush to approve a large number of lines. Two of the three new lines from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center appear to have chromosomal abnormalities….”
  • Ethika Politika asks readers to determine whether or not Ron Paul successfully made his case “[w]hen asked how he could simultaneously hold that ‘life begins at conception’ and at the same time not enforce laws against abortion or abortifacient drugs in cases of rape”:


  • The Culture Vulture reviews John Ensor’s book Innocent Blood, which “challenges the notion that Christians can remain publicly silent about abortion and still be authentic to the Gospel of Christ at the same time.”
  • Phil Eddy of Students for LIfe decries yet another act of “pro-choice” vandalism on a college campus: a Cemetery of the Innocents display put up by the University of Buffalo Students for Life was torn down. This is the 4th act of vandalism like this toward the group in the past 2 years.
  • At Mommy Life, Barbara Curtis updates us on daughter Maddy’s second successful audition for American Idol.
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