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Life Links 11-30-11

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat The Washington Post covers the Maryland Board of Physicians’ decision to close its investigation into abortionist LeRoy Carhart’s failure to disclose how he would be performing late-term abortions in MD. A human child at 24 weeks gestation was found in a trash can in Manhattan: “The way I […]

Lunch Break: Chris Christie on the “bystander in the Oval Office”

by LauraLoo Love Governor Chris Christie! His comment yesterday about “bystander President Obama” waiting for re-election states the obvious – that Obama’s a talker (with a TOTUS at that) and not a doer. Of interest, Obama has been voted by GQ as one of its top 25 Least Influential People Alive, snap. Email LauraLoo with your Lunch […]

Operation Sacred Soil

New organization will help block pro-choice speakers from Catholic facilities and functions You may not have noticed, but since May 17, 2009, no Catholic organization has dared invite President Barack Obama to speak. This is because none want to be a Notre Dame II, the university that paid a high price in battered PR and […]

Kim Kardashian laments she may not have kids

Kim: I don’t know. I always wanted what Mom and Dad had. And at first I was like, I want six kids. Then I went down to four, then I was down to three…and now I’m like, maybe I won’t have any. Maybe I’ll just be a good aunt. Khloé:  But Mom and Dad got […]

Life Links 11-29-11

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat The Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion clinic in Rockford will stay closed until at least January 4, 2012, when attorneys for both the abortion clinic and the state health department will have another hearing. Apparently, some pro-choicers at Harvard aren’t big fans of tolerance. From Aurora Griffin’s op-ed […]

(Prolifer)ations 11-29-11

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.com. At the Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma, Brian Biggs encourages religious pro-lifers not to shy away from using religious arguments for the pro-life position.

Lunch Break: Puppy love

by LauraLoo Billy the dog gives 56 hearty hops cuz he can’t keep his eyes off baby Isabelle (or maybe it’s a combo of meet-and-greet baby and getting his ball back).  Email LauraLoo with your Lunch Break suggestions. [HT: Andrew F.]

Planned Parenthood’s holiday gift guide

Featuring “adorable” condom embroidery and a uterus belt buckle Yesterday Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota was proud to unveil its “first edition of the Planned Parenthood Advocate Gift Guide!” I can only imagine one of my sons unwrapping this “adorable condom craft”… Then there’s the “Uterus Belt Buckle” (not to be mistaken for […]

Unwritten rule about unplanned pregnancy in the military: “A good soldier will have an abortion.”

No one ever said to my face that they were disappointed in me, but I could see it in the eyes of my commander, my first sergeant and my boss. They all congratulated me but I sensed I had let them down in some way…. The unspoken code is that a good soldier will have […]

Two Five pro-life groups surpass huge milestones on Facebook, Twitter

UPDATE 11/30, 2:50p: Students for Life of America has informed me its Facebook cause, Abolish Abortion, has garnered an amazing 636,257 members and has raised an amazing total of $25,052.78 to date.  In addition, SFLA announced yesterday it has received a matching grant opportunity from the Friess Family Foundation, which will generously match every dollar […]


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by Kelli


I followed my trainer to the lab where products of conception (P.O.C.) were inspected to make sure the doctor removed all the bits that, if left behind, could cause an infection. My trainer made a point to show me the tiny arms and legs floating in the glass baking pan. At 10 weeks and beyond, those appendages are formed and clearly recognizable.

It was all so heavy. The loneliness of those little arms and legs. That girl, so clearly suffering during the procedure. Before my job at the clinic, my stance on abortion had been so black and white. I had been firmly pro-choice for as long as I could remember. Was it possible that working here could change my mind?…

Abortion is fraught with so much negative sentiment, and in a sense, abortion is plucking a life from existence that has yet to have the opportunity to thrive. No one is claiming it’s pleasant. There is nothing black and white about abortion. It’s every shade of gray. But for us pro-choicers, the woman’s life trumps the embryo or fetus. That’s the bottom line. We place value on a woman’s ability to know what is best for her. It simply needs to be a safe and legal option. When I started at the clinic, all I saw was the individual moment of pain, but over the years I began to see a much richer portrait — women coming out the other side, relieved, even if it was simply a relief to have the procedure behind them. They could go back to their lives.

Seeing every side, the whole complicated and profound process, I came out more pro-choice than ever. I started to see it from a purely biological standpoint. We were removing an unwanted growth to preserve the woman’s chosen course.

~ Amy Beeman, Salon, May 24

[Image of 10-week fetus via babybytes.ni]

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