Breaking: Michigan Attorney General files suit to shut down two late-term abortion clinics

UPDATE 11/9, 1:26p: According to Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Eaton County Circuit Court Judge Calvin Oosterhaven signed a temporary restraining order yesterday, November 8, against both Health Care Clinic and Women’s Choice abortion mills, which stops them from committing abortions at least until November 21, when a court hearing on the attorney general’s complaint has been scheduled.

11/7, 3:09p: Let me start by saying pro-life dumpster diving pays off.

But first, here’s the story in a nutshell, from WLNS this afternoon:

Monday Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette filed a lawsuit to shut down the Health Care Clinic in Delta Township and the affiliated Women’s Choice Clinic in Saginaw. The move would also prevent the clinic’s owner, Richard Remund, from ever having any other company with a similar purpose.

The AG office says along with the lawsuit they are also asking for further investigation to determine if there were any violations of agencies within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The state requires these facilities to be operated by a licensed medical professional. Schuette says Remund was not a licensed medical professional….

The AG’s office started an investigation into the clinics after a complaint in April 2010 saying they were disposing of unborn babies with ordinary trash in dumpsters outside the Health Care Clinic….

Read AG Bill Shuette’s (pictured right) press release here and complaint here.

Actually, the AG’s office received more than a “complaint” alleging the mill was throwing aborted babies in the trash; it received the actual bodies.

Kudos to Dr. Monica Miller, her group Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and pro-lifer Chris Veneklase, who on February 26, 2010, found the remains of 17 aborted babies in clear medical waste bags in a dumpster at the Women’s Choice mill. Their mothers’ names were listed on the bags as well as the date the babies were killed….

The babies were given a funeral on November 19, 2010. Officiating was Bishop Earl Boyea. They were buried in St. Joseph Cemetery in Lansing, MI. See video of the funeral and burial here.

Also found in the trash were seven months of complete, unshredded, unredacted patient records dated December 2009 through July 2010, a breach of both state and federal law. Here’s a scan of just one of those records, which pro-lifers redacted…

See a video and slideshow of what – and who – pro-lifers found in the abortion mill’s trash here.

I spoke with AG spokesperson Joy Yearout. She said their investigation found both clinics owned by Remund were improperly incorporated. Michigan law requires that most health facilities, including abortion mills, be incorporated with a licensed medical provider, which Remund is not. (I confirmed that Remund did not appear to have been committing abortions himself. He contracted with abortionists Lewis Twigg and Ronald Nichols, both named in the complaint.  Twigg in turn subcontracted additional abortionists.)

The AG’s long-term request of the court is to permanently close the clinics and bar Remund from ever reopening one in the state.

The AG’s short-term request is to halt both clinics from operating while the lawsuit proceeds. Judges usually schedule hearings for temporary restraining orders within a couple days.

The AG’s request for “further investigation” mentioned in the above article is to determine whether 50% or more of Remund’s clinic business was for abortions, which seems obvious. If this is found to be so, the clinics will have to abide by regulations of free standing surgical facilities, likely requiring substantial improvements.

So any way one looks at it, these clinics are probably being aborted.

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  1. FYI, it’s “Yearout”, not “Yearmont”. Quibbles aside, God willing and the activist judges don’t rise, here are two more clinics hopefully closed! And to think, Phill Kline gets railroaded for trying to find the kind of records in a criminal case that these clinics throw in the garbage for any Jo Schmo to find.


  2. Kudos to the pro-lifers doing the work!  –
    How could anyone stomach it though?  I have seen way more abortion images than I care, much less dumpster-diving.  But again, the reason I am posting: thank God for dedicated lifers, may at least a few lives be spared by the inconvenience of having to find another abortuary.  


  3. I am going to be sick, the thought of little aborted babies being thrown into the garbage is simply horrifying. I am glad they are getting shut down, hope that it sticks and they never come back.


  4. Yet another example of abortion mills blatantly breaking the laws and doing as they damn well please.  Why would we possibly expect them to respect laws when they have no respect or regard for human life.
    Makes you wonder how many more of these mills are doing the exact same thing all across the country. 
    Thank God for the dumpster divers and the AG. 


  5. omg im sick over these pictures. what must the good lord be doing but weeping. weve turned into a nation of heartless monsters and creeps. greed and selfishness and who is protecting the babies? nobody.


  6. and im sure this happens at most mills. what else would they do with the bodies? they look at it as waste. they look at the women seeking abortion as waste. once your abortion is over with then get out! and if you have any problems go to an er or an urgi care.


  7. just called egglands best and told them that i returned my eggs because i saw the pink ribbon. he was a tgad snippy but i told him that i dont want my grocery money paying for abortions and the breast cancer abortion link. i also told him that id spread the word to my friends not to buy their eggs until they pull out of their contract with the devil.


  8. Make sure it is a ribbon from SGK.

    I have seen Breast Cancer Research Foundation more and more and they use the pink ribbon too.  They do not give to PP!!! :)


  9. Oooh. Then you go girl!!!  :)

    Did you see that Jennifer Aniston is now involved with Ford’s Warriors in Pink??  

    Which of course is Susan G Komen.


  10. @ carla no i havent seen that but i know aniston is a flaming liberal who signs her name to the pro choice roster. she also fights for gay and lesbian rights and was given a gladd award. eh i never have really cared.for her acting or movies and id also read that she was quite a diva behind the scenes of friends:/ i dont know how she ever earned the title of ‘americas sweetheart’ cuz shes not. and her movies stink in my opinion.


  11. the sad one is christina applegate who is also supporting komen. her cancer was hereditary. im not sure if some people even know the secret evil behind komen. chances are that had i never researched the abortion industry id be buying up komen products to help donate to a good cause also.


  12. Regarding the “remains.”

    “A subsequent investigation by state and local officials determined that the disposal of aborted remains as ordinary waste was not illegal.”


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