abortionI reported November 7 that Michigan Attorney General Bill Shuette had filed a lawsuit to permanently shut down to Michigan late-term abortion clinics and also to bar their owners from ever opening another medical clinic in the state.

After signing a restraining order to temporarily close them on November 8, Eaton County Circuit Court Judge Calvin Oosterhaven today signed a final judgment to officially dissolve Health Care Clinic in Delta Township and the affiliated Women’s Choice Clinic in Saginaw. The two abortion mills are closed for good.

The owners of both clinics, Richard and Margaret Remund, will not fight their closure and have also agreed never to attempt to incorporate another medical facility in Michigan.

Babies, unredacted abortion records found in trash

With pro-lifers at Citizens for a Pro-Life Society leading the way through dumpster diving and gumshoe investigations, it was discovered that the Remunds had not properly incorporated their clinics, as neither were licensed medical professionals.

Pro-lifer Chris Veneklase further discovered the remains of 17 aborted babies in the trash as well as complete and unredacted medical records of aborting mothers.

Great work, pro-lifers and AG Shuette.

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