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  • Vital Signs showcases an “explosive” Washington Times editorial on Planned Parenthood and black genocide.

  • Suzy B outlines ten things pro-lifers can do to advance their beliefs and help end abortion.
  • Secular ProLife examines recent mainstream media articles which can’t seem to decide on the makeup of the American pro-life movement. Is it the nonreligious (who view abortion as a human rights violation), the working Christian mothers, or… Catholic men?

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin claims hypocrisy in advertising is alive and well in the City of Milwaukee. The city’s new prevention advertising campaign uses a “shock value” photo (pictured left) of an African-American infant – but when the pro-life movement uses photos of African-American infants in anti-abortion ads, they are accused of racism.
  • Moral Outcry reprints Randy Bohlender’s blog about our “national debt”:

    Our true national debt is not one of dollars and sense but one of blood and bone…. I’m ok with facing the Chinese and telling them “We spent the money.” It’s a whole ‘nother thing to face God Almighty and tell Him what we did with the children. There is forgiveness for this debt, but not without repentance and a turning from our past.

  • ProWomanProLife shares the story of a woman who, psychologically traumatized due to a harrowing vaginal birth experience with her first pregnancy, requested a C-section for her second pregnancy. Her physician refused and offered her an abortion instead, which she declined. Why is abortion the first solution given in response to a potentially difficult pregnancy?
  • Wesley J. Smith, announces his position as editor of the Discovery Institute’s new online newsletter, The Human Exceptionalist, which will address anti-human movements worldwide:

    …[A]s the moral importance of human life has become increasingly marginalized, flora, fauna—and even nature itself—are seen increasingly as possessing rights equal to those of man. Some even go so far as to declare us to be the enemy of the planet itself! Worse, these nihilistic views are communicated continually (and sometimes subliminally) by popular culture, in schools, at our most important universities, and by the media.

  • Real Choice examines the National Abortion Federation’s supposed “high standards” for their abortion facilities. Apparently, ignoring the deaths of women in their clinics falls under these “high standards.”
  • Stand for Life features a video by Greg Koukl, founder and president of Stand to Reason, which “examines if being a Christian makes one more close-minded.” Monte at SFL answers:

    I say a resounding NO when it pertains to the life issue. Christians who argue the pro-life viewpoint often will state a position against abortion using Christianity, but they sometimes use a secular approach, if need be, by defending life with science and philosophy.”


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