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  • 40 Days for Life reports another save – this time of former Planned Parenthood clinic director, Sue Thayer. After working for 17 years inside PP, she voiced her concerns about the company’s plan to increase the number of abortions and was fired. This year, Sue led a 40 DFL prayer vigil in front of the clinic she used to manage in Storm Lake, Iowa.

  • Big Blue Wave features a video showing the humanity of the preborn fetus by measuring fetal reactions to different types of music. Their facial expressions and heart rate show their preferences:

  • Culture Campaign reports that the euthanasia-friendly Dutch have proposed mobile assisted suicide units to bring death right to your door. Now legalized, there seems to be no limit to the “death industry’s” desire for profit and expansion. Euthanasia cases in the Netherlands rose 19% last year.
  • Ethika Politika has a post on the unintended consequences of sperm and egg donation (also covered here). With growing numbers of college students donating to fertility clinics to finance their education, there is a “possibility of incest amongst siblings who share anonymous donors” along with “growing concerns about a few donors with many progeny.”
  • Americans United for Life points out the advancement of state laws affording protection to the unborn helps to acknowledge their personhood, despite the defeat of the Mississippi Personhood Amendment.
  • Life Training Institute reminds us that conversations with abortion advocates should not be verbal tennis matches but constructive dialogue.

  • Live Action catches Planned Parenthood in the act of misinformation again with a recent graphic posted on Facebook which erroneously claims 99% of women use contraception. Either they don’t think their “friends” don’t know any better or they don’t care about the truth – or maybe it’s both. Guttmacher stats show 62% of women aged 15-44 use contraception, which is a far cry from 99%. Apparently, when you don’t have the truth on your side, inaccurate slogans and chants will have to do.
  • Albert Mohler writes a hard-hitting post on the defeat of the Mississippipersonhood amendment:Make no mistake, the human personhood amendment is not an incrementalist approach — it is a head-on assault against the logic of Roe v. Wade and the denial of human dignity at every stage of human development….

    The bitter lesson of Mississippi’s defeat of the human personhood amendment is this: When it comes to moral reasoning concerning the unborn child, far too many just adopt Harry Blackmun’s moral framework and want to tweak it. Many in the pro-life movement want to shift his lines of moral judgment, but not to repudiate his deadly logic.

    We may think we are pro-life, but if we do not affirm the personhood of every human being at every point of development, from fertilization onward, we are not really so pro-life as we think. Or, in other words, we’re all Harry Blackmun now.

  • The Abolitionist Society of OK profiles hip hop artist Dillon Chase, an abortion abolitionist. His song Strong describes his wife’s decision to choose life as teenager when the world was telling her abortion was the answer. He is currently bringing this life affirming message across Oklahoma:


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