I’ve been in conversation with a pro-lifer who shot much of the footage for this newly posted graphic abortion video.

The person did not tell me how s/he got access, or where the abortions were filmed, because to do so would risk losing access.

But s/he did believe that while the babies being filmed or photographed died,  countless other babies were being saved by exposing the truth of abortion. This is true.

It is also true that the stress is very great on this dear pro-lifer.

“It kills me everytime I have to take photos,” the pro-lifer wrote. “When I am in that room I want to go ballistic on that abortionist. The only thing that stops me is knowing that in the end, many lives will be saved. But it takes a lot out of me.”

This weekend’s question: What are your thoughts on the morality of pro-lifers videotaping or photographing abortions?

BTW, I’ve played and replayed the footage from 1:08-1:12 and am certain that aborted baby moved; he survived his abortion. My friend did not shoot that particular footage but thinks so, too.

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