However, even a fairly uninformed Gaga fan can see that the video more specifically tells the story of her being dropped from her original record label Island Def Jam and her subsequent signing at Interscope. The real topic that has everybody talking goes beyond the pop superstar’s battles in the musical arena. Many are now wondering if the songstress had an abortion.

Marry the Night shows the star in a women’s clinic being wheeled into a common room for patients…. [T]he attending nurse then tells her “no intimacy for two weeks.” As the woman continues to fret over Gaga she reveals she will be a star before a surreal ballet starts.

Afterwards, the same brunette version of Lady Gaga is an apartment, naked save for a pair of underwear that actually resemble bandages…

The intimacy comment, the bandages, and the fact that Gaga has highlighted in interviews that this was a women’s clinic have fans speculating that the star had an abortion before being dropped by Def Jam.

~ Ashley Mott of Gather wondering if Lady Gaga may have had an abortion based on her latest video,  December 4

[Screenshots are from video]

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