We already know there is nothing left sacred. Now all there is to report are the deepening degrees of blasphemy.

Here’s one, with some irony thrown in.

Bearing in mind Christmas celebrates the birth of world’s Savior, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service launched a campaign offering free morning-after pills through the month of December to those who end up doing more than kissing under the mistletoe. Click to enlarge…
The website name’s double entendre is gross.

Bpas initially offered to mail the morning-after pill free after a phone “consultation.”

But the campaign has attracted so much attention the sexy Santa has run out of gifts.

The website now states, “Due to the popularity of this service we are unable to provide the morning after pill in advance of need before Christmas.”

The editor of Reproductive Health Matters calls these “jingle pills.”  But there’s nothing merry about taking mega-doses of female steroids after having unprotected sex, which, btw, do nothing to stop the sometimes incurable and/or deadly STD(s) that may have been contracted at the same time.

Nevertheless, bpas gives “ho ho ho” new meaning.

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