Author Stephenie Meyer picked the tiny town of Forks, Washington, as the setting for her wildly popular Twilight book and movie series because it is “ridiculously rainy” there, and everyone knows vampires can’t come out on sunny days or they sparkle.

Well, Forks is a little less dreary today with the news that its local Planned Parenthood has closed its coffin. According to on December 17:

The Forks Planned Parenthood health center has closed.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest closed the office at 231 Lupine Ave. on Nov. 30 as a result of ongoing funding cuts.

Planned Parenthood locations in Oak Harbor and Silverdale will also close by year’s end.

Staffed by two people, the Forks location… served about 71 patients a year.

Jack Slowriver, area services director for Planned Parenthood, said the organization’s Port Angeles location at 426 E. Eighth St. has seen about six people from Forks since the closure….

Planned Parenthood is finding it difficult to fund the small, rural locations due to ongoing cuts, including at the state level.

The state has cut nearly $4 million over the past four years for organizations that provide “basic family planning,” she said.

“We hung on as long as we could,” Glundberg-Prossor said.

Note PPGNW plans to close two more clinics this year.

None of the three were abortion mills, just feeders, although the Port Angeles location, another place Twihards will recognize, is.

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