Planned Parenthood closes clinic in town where “Twilight” book and movie series set

Author Stephenie Meyer picked the tiny town of Forks, Washington, as the setting for her wildly popular Twilight book and movie series because it is “ridiculously rainy” there, and everyone knows vampires can’t come out on sunny days or they sparkle.

Well, Forks is a little less dreary today with the news that its local Planned Parenthood has closed its coffin. According to on December 17:

The Forks Planned Parenthood health center has closed.

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest closed the office at 231 Lupine Ave. on Nov. 30 as a result of ongoing funding cuts.

Planned Parenthood locations in Oak Harbor and Silverdale will also close by year’s end.

Staffed by two people, the Forks location… served about 71 patients a year.

Jack Slowriver, area services director for Planned Parenthood, said the organization’s Port Angeles location at 426 E. Eighth St. has seen about six people from Forks since the closure….

Planned Parenthood is finding it difficult to fund the small, rural locations due to ongoing cuts, including at the state level.

The state has cut nearly $4 million over the past four years for organizations that provide “basic family planning,” she said.

“We hung on as long as we could,” Glundberg-Prossor said.

Note PPGNW plans to close two more clinics this year.

None of the three were abortion mills, just feeders, although the Port Angeles location, another place Twihards will recognize, is.

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20 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood closes clinic in town where “Twilight” book and movie series set”

  1. One of our radio show listeners said that this Twilight film is a no-exceptions pro-life vampire movie. Huh! Apparently, the main character’s pregnancy almost kills her but she refuses to allow anyone to even consider aborting the baby, with the dialogue making it clear that it is not just a “fetus” but a baby!

    That’s great to hear although of course at Denver Bible Church we strongly advise against anyone (child, teen, and especially adult) seeing this and any such pornography. Of course Hollywood coming around to a pure personhood position, rejecting even a life-of-the-mother exception (as at, is not surprising since even wicked Hollywood is there regarding slavery now that the legacy of Christians like William Wilberforce and Harriet Tubman have made slavery not only illegal but unthinkable. The same will happen with child killing! Keep the faith and press on toward victory!
    -Bob Enyart


  2. “We hung on as long as we could” Glundberg-Prossor said.

    The BABIES slated for extermination “held on as long as THEY could”, too.

    BRAVO ! 3 more PP’s bite the dust.


  3. With two staff and only 71 patients in a year I’m surprised they remained open as long as they did.

    I guess that as products like plan b and ru486 become more widespread more of the under-utilised facilities will close.

    We’ll probably end up with more ‘over the counter’ services and larger, more centralised service provision facilities.


  4. Dear Ellie, as wife of my BFF Jack and a Twilight fan – you are officially my new BFF…see ya, Jack! ;)

    Gotta love the pro-marriage, pro-life themes in the Twilight Saga.
    I just read a book last night/this morning called “Devour” by Shelly Crane….kind of Twilight-esq but instead of vamps it’s a different supernaturalness…but the main character wears a purity ring and lives with her Pastor and his family – I spoke with the author today and she is a Christian and I was very blessed to see Christian themes in a book like that :)


  5. Bob – I haven’t seen the latest movie yet, though I hear it gets a little racey on their honeymoon – but I think your church will appreciate the fact that, though Bella tries to seduce Edward pretty much since she meets him, he tells her no over and over, not until we’re married…soooo that’s a yay! :)


  6. Yes! Amber!! You are my friend too, and I am glad you are a Christian!

    Twilight has many pro-family, pro-life, and Christian themes in it. Like Amber said it is pro-abstinence. Also the vampires go against their natures to not feed from humans, which is a metaphor from going against your sin nature to do the right thing even if it doesnt feel right!


  7. One comment on Twilight and I’m out…
    Assigning virtue to vampires and other demonic beings is a distortion of truth, even in a make believe world. It is a way to lure people into a darker realm,to tempt them with the fascination of the unknown and the untamed. Make no mistake, vampires, dragons, werewolves, and creatures of the sort have always been demonic symbols, soulless creatures. The author of the Twilight series has to take a lot of the characteristics of vampires and werewolves away and replace them with made up, glittery, virtue-like characteristics to make the story lines “work”. Implanting virtue into demonic creatures is not only contradictory, it does nothing to convert the demonic into divine, it accomplishes quite the opposite, it lures the virtuous into the demonic. The themes of abstinence and marriage are only cover ups for lust and unnatural relations. The simple fact that he is so much older than her and that she is still a minor should be a huge red flag. Just because he looks young, it does not mean he is young. Plastic surgery can accomplish the same thing. In reality, a 16-17 year old and a 50 year old (he is much older, obviously) that looks great despite his years would create a very loud opposition from our culture, well, mainly because it is still illegal. But, dress them up and give them fancy names and put them on the screen and it is all forgotten and forgiven.

    A bit over the top, well, take a look around. How many vampire shows are currently on TV? How many teens and preteens are sporting vampires and werewolves on their shirts? How many of those shirts are advocating virtue, abstinence, marriage? They are mostly teen idol images with half dressed actors with sexy looks on their face. The fruits of all this “virtue” are not quite virtuous are they?

    To each his/her own. If you are into vampires, well, it is your choice and you are guaranteed the freedom to make it your choice. I am just saying, don’t kid yourself with all that virtue and good message talk.

    God bless,


  8. Yes, the author is Mormon, and though I’ve got my issues with the Mormon faith, she never actually mentions anything about Mormonism in the book, so that’s good ;)


  9. Cristina,

    Your points are well taken, but I think that’s the whole question of fiction (fantasy fiction in particular). Does it have to deal with the world as is, or can it posit a different world – where vampires can choose virtue? In such a world, would those creatures be beyond God’s reach? I’m not saying that these books couldn’t lead people down a wrong path, but they don’t have to.

    Glad that the PP’s are closing, though.


  10. So let me get this straight: “glittery virtue-like characteristics” assigned to vampires are “made up,” but “demonic” and “soulless” vampires are real? Gotcha.


  11. Vampires are people too! :)

    Guns don’t kill people.

    People kill people.

    And vampires do too.

    If they have a gun.


  12. I don’t see the gotcha, Len. Cristina never said vampires were real, only that they have always been used as demonic, souless imagery. If her point was that glitzing up that long-established association of vampires with the demonic can be misleading, Id agree with that.
    Beyond that, I always wonder when adults like us are interested in teen fads. How many adults who’ve read Potter or Twilight teen novels have read Twain or Dostoyevsky or Hugo or Dickens in the last 2 years- or even since they’ve been adults? But they get into teen fads. Weird. Seems like a sad indication of the dumbing down of America.
    Yes, and I’m so glad pp is not surgically dismembering tiny Americans in that city anymore.


  13. “Beyond that, I always wonder when adults like us are interested in teen fads. How many adults who’ve read Potter or Twilight teen novels have read Twain or Dostoyevsky or Hugo or Dickens in the last 2 years- or even since they’ve been adults? But they get into teen fads. Weird. Seems like a sad indication of the dumbing down of America.”

    This one. Though truth be told, all the Dostoevsky and Twain I read in the last two years was re-reading.

    I adore Harry Potter and think Twilight is a pile of total crap, and a glorification of emotional abuse to boot. I used young-adult literature a lot when I was tutoring adult ESL speakers, and when I was tutoring a native-English-speaking high school boy who was a reluctant reader. YA literature is useful a lot of the time! It can convey mature, complex concepts with simpler vocabulary and narrative structure, and THAT’S OKAY. For some people, that’s just right. The trick is knowing what to read. Unfortunately, you can’t always know what to read until you’re already reading it – but you know what, it’s not like reading something means agreeing with it. It’s possible to read Twilight and have a lengthy intellectual discussion on HOW MUCH IT SUCKS, and I consider that a valuable experience for a reader and critical thinker.

    The good children’s and YA literature is just that – GOOD – and remains so regardless of who the intended audience is. See also: The Chronicles of Narnia. The Phantom Tollbooth. Walk Two Moons. Even The Hunger Games! etc.

    I dislike when people – teenagers or adults – get caught up in fads that I think are dumb or damaging, but that doesn’t mean that all things popular are dumb/damaging, or even that all people who read those books get caught up in them.


  14. EllieBorsch, Hi Ellie,’s review rates the Twilight movie for
    Sex/Nudity: Heavy

    And Movie Guide says the movie depicts “marital sex.” We don’t know each other Ellie, but it’s easy for consumers of pop culture to lose a proper sense of godliness and modesty. It is wrong to show an audience images of people having sex. It is wrong to buy and sell sex, and that not only applies to typical prostitutes, but to Hollywood’s prostitutes and to those who video tape and sell such behavior, real or feigned, as entertainment.

    Reference: See the Ten Commandments


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