Planned Parenthood deathscort charged with assault and battery of pro-lifer

Planned Parenthood Ann Arbor deathscort Bernie Klein is well known to pro-lifers as vulgar and volatile.

But on September 30, Klein went too far.

Pro-life sidewalk counselor Paul Dobrowolski was speaking with the father of a baby who was about to be aborted inside the Planned Parenthood clinic by his girlfriend, and Klein (pictured right), increasingly disturbed by the course of the conversation, finally goosed Dobrowolski, first with his knee and then aggressively with his hand.

There was a witness, so police were called, charges were filed, and Klein is to be arraigned on charges of assault and battery in district court on  January 20, 2012.

Klein has shown animus against Dobrowolski in the past, spraying his bike with water and smacking him with a hose, according to Dobrowolski, with whom I spoke today. No witnesses, though.

Klein has also harassed other pro-lifers, for instance Steve Gendregske in June, which he caught on video. (When Klein says, “Give us a shot of your mother again,” he is speaking of a graphic abortion sign near Gendregske.)…

YouTube Preview Image

But Klein has an even more insidious history, arrested by the feds in 2009 as part of an assisted suicide ring, if you can believe it. Klein’s name pops up at 1:10 on this ABC News story…

Read more here and here. It appears that investigation is ongoing.

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see Klein is bizarrely drawn to death. He has apparently volunteered as a Planned Parenthood deathscort for 21 years now, receiving praise from the organization as recently as its January 2009 newsletter…

Thankfully, Klein’s efforts to harass pro-lifers have now been thwarted.

[HT: Dave Theisen at Real Estate for Life]

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  1. Mr Klein seems well suited for the pro-life/pro-choice games…the little world where the enemy has become blog sites, organizations, funding – and a constant bickering back and forth.


  2. yep these people are all strange. there is a chick with hot pink hair to escort the women into the clinic of death. shes got the worst potty mouth. her favorite begins with the letter F. and then she has giant holes in her ears with huge black earings. i guess thats the acceptable dress code.


  3. Would not surprise me in the least to learn there is a dead child in Bernie’s past that haunts him now. Jewels Green talks of that, as well Theresa Burke Ph.D…. parents of aborted children are often drawn to pro-choice work in an effort to assuage their guilty consciences.


  4. Having been assaulted myself a number of times by deathscorts over the years, I am delighted to hear that this menace has been removed from the sidewalks; hopefully this removal is permanent.


  5. right sydney m. at one of our clinics nurse caroline has a past abortion as does nurse portia. one day caroline ( a very attractive nurse) came out to where we pro lifers were standing. we waited for the fur to fly as she took a long drag on her smoke and tossed the butt. she looked at one of our pastors and asked ” can i have a hug”? *gasp* he hugged her but as he tried to give her the word she turned tail and went back into the clinic. please keep caroline and portia in your prayers.


  6. Escorting for twenty-one years? Eesh. I hope the person he went after is okay. That’s awful.


  7. “stout-hearted volunteer escorts like Bernie Klein”.

    Don’t you mean COLD- hearted?

    Everyone inside AND outside this industry (that is, the abortion industry) needs our prayers.

    Pro-aborts have become “robotic” in their “love” of death/destruction.

    They need to know what REAL love is.


  8. Heather,

    don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I sat outside the clinic yesterday with purple hair. I used to have a labret and eyebrow piercing as well (and still would, if my former employer hadn’t made me remove them). Sometimes they can look like sweet little Christian girls, but deathscorting every chance they get, too. Kushieismoonbat comes to mind. Try and keep yours open. ;P


  9. Yeah. I guess you can’t judge a girl with a dragon tatoo by her – well, tatoo.

    But this Klein guy is a bona fide member of the Death Cult. Look in his eyes, if you can.


  10. Hans,
    It can consume a person in guilt and they feel better about themselves when others commit abortion. I’d bet $10k Klein is post abortive.


  11. hey x…im okay with the hair thing. i have blonde hair with black underneath a little pink and blue on the tips. i get more compliments. its just temporary though;)


  12. I agree with Sydney M. I believe this man is seriously post abortive. I feel sorry for him and I hope he is healed soon. He’s no spring chicken anymore….. :(


  13. hey x i meant to ask you how things have been going for you in front of the clinic? it can get wierd out there. also at 1 of our clinics ( right down the street from where caroline and portia work) there is another. they send the escorts out to try to take pictures of us. what do they do with them? probably put them on a terrorist list or something.


  14. Why is everybody who supports choice “post-abortive?” Seriously, you actually think that each and every pro-choice person, male or female, is “post-abortive.” You obviously just can’t grasp the truth that those who are pro-choice have formulated there views based on a variety of criteria, much of it concerned with the right to privacy and some based on theology. But really, you think everybody who is pro-choice is “post abortive” Is that all you’ve got? You do realize that, in clinical terms, there is no such thing as post-abortive and peer reviewed studies disclaim any psychiatric effects of abortion. Science, eh?

    And BTW, what other surgical procedure requires patients to walk a gauntlet of zealots loudly praying or shouting stupid stuff. Tell me, please.


  15. Not all pro-aborts are post-abortive, but the more vehemently pro-death a person is the greater chance they are trying to justify death, specifically intentional murder with “a good excuse” like euthanasia and abortion, for some tragically personal reason. They are responsible for a death.

    What other surgical procedure is specifically tailored to murdering a voiceless human being in such a gruesome limb ripping, skull crushing way? Let us know and we will speak against it as well.

    These children have no voice of their own to defend themselves or beg for their lives, they are passed a death sentence without representation, jury, or crime. This is civil injustice at it’s worst. Of course we will speak out against it and give men and women considering abortion the truths the abortion industry knows will lose it some paying customers!


  16. right tch. thats why i was shocked to learn that amanda marcotte had never aborted. most women dont fight that hard to keep abortion legal unless they have aborted. then again many fight because they are so afraid that birth control will be taken away. just another way to make sure we dont have dem darn babies. also i question some older men who favor abortion. i always have to wonder if they love abortion so a kiddie rape would go without punishment.


  17. “Not all pro-aborts are post-abortive, but the more vehemently pro-death a person is the greater chance they are trying to justify death, specifically intentional murder with “a good excuse” like euthanasia and abortion, for some tragically personal reason. They are responsible for a death.”

    I think that is only sometimes the case, when it comes to strongly, actively pro-choice people who have had abortions themselves. I think that a lot of the time – understatement – the circumstances surrounding choosing abortion are a very lonely, scared time for women. Even women who feel emotionally supported in their choice often feel alone, or isolated, in the circumstances or the actual event.

    It’s natural for people who have felt such isolation personally to try to help others who are now in their shoes. Now, abortion is not an appropriate or valid response to unsupportive or frightening circumstances. But of course, if you believe it is, then you will identify strongly with the loneliness that comes with choosing abortion – as opposed to the loneliness and fear that comes with choosing to continue the pregnancy – and merely try to help spare others the same things you went through. Of course, those lonelinesses are very similar, because the circumstances are often very similar – but if you have only viewed it through the lens of choosing abortion, you may not step outside your own experiences unless pressed to.

    It’s not a bad impulse, just a misguided one. I know that although I was supported, when I had an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy I felt extremely alone and scared. When I couldn’t have any anesthesia at the clinic because I had to get myself home safely on my own, I became motivated to spare other women that same experience. It wasn’t until someone asked for help and comfort in getting someplace besides Planned Parenthood that it even occurred to me that those women also needed help. In the paradigm I saw the world through, women who were not ready to be pregnant aborted. Women who stayed pregnant were secure and comfortable in their situation. I didn’t consciously think that – it was an assumption I absorbed as though through osmosis – but I did think of aborting women as “the ones who need support.” And I didn’t think they needed support to convince them not to abort – just to keep them from feeling the isolation and loneliness so often inherent in their circumstances while they did it. Because I knew that loneliness.

    It really had nothing to do with my own experiences, except that my own experiences made me acutely aware of what women with crisis pregnancies feel. And, as so many people do, I associated crisis pregnancies with abortion. So I wanted to help women who “needed” abortions. To me, it was synonymous with helping in crisis. It was as simple as that.


  18. xalisae – yes, youre right, I went to the March For Life one year and saw quite a few young people in “punk” attire and they were prolife.

    CC, by the same token, I wish you would realize that not all prolifers 1) want to “oppress” women 2) are Catholic 3) are conservative/Republicans.

    @Hans – I saw the Swedish version of the movie and they graphic violence, especially the rape scene(s), was too much for me. I’ll skip the American versions! I would like to see “War Horse” — I think that WWI period is interesting.


  19. they don’t have to have had an abortion themselves. I’ve talked to plenty who are siblings of aborted children, or who have nieces or nephews who have been aborted. Health service “professionals” who recommend it for women and girls who go on to abort…Most of the time, there are ties there. I usually start out by asking “So, why do you support abortion?” usually they’ll misunderstand, so I clarify, “No, why do you personally support it?” and the truth comes out soon enough. “Because I…” “Because my mom…” “Because my sister…” “Because my best friend…” “Because the girls I counsel…”

    It’s usually there.


  20. heather-

    It was delightful the other day. A clinic employee, when she learned of my motivation for sidewalk counseling and that my child’s father had wanted me to abort said, “You should have.” She was an absolute JOY. Another woman became irate, screamed at me in my face, suggesting someone might come by and shoot me one day, told me she was going to “make [my] nose even flatter than what it is” (I had bet my fiance that at least one person there would mention my nose, so I won! Yay!!), and called me a “white piece of sh*t.” (joke’s on her. I’m actually 1/2 Mexican)

    That was besides the enjoyable banter with the clinic escorts. One suggested that my debate with them was quite futile, and that if I enjoyed it, perhaps I might like to engage in pleasuring myself in the gas station bathroom across the street. I told him no thank you, because my masturbation actually culminates in an event and then ends, as opposed to the tail-chasing in which we were engaged. They said, “You’re snarky! I like that.”

    A good time was had by all. :)


  21. x that sounds about right. i was getting the middle finger so often that i really thought they were trying to tell me i was number 1 !!!!! also just loved the day the older lady did a strange little huff and puff dance around me and told me ” b**** i will beat your a**! hahha chicken jumped in her car and burned rubber down the street. my poor girlfriend from snm holds her “i regret my abortion” sign and one of the clinic workers has called her a fat s*** many times. gotta love it!


  22. xalisae, heather,
    You two have amazing stories and awesome courage. Thanks for what you do on behalf of the unborn and for the women who are being misled.


  23. eric thank you. it means a lot. and there are your self proclaimed “bastions of tolerance” folks!


  24. Why is everybody who supports choice “post-abortive?”

    Well, YOU tell me, cuz I’d like to know. Our most “ardent” and “zealous” abortion advocates have all admitted to being post-abortive. I’m not a member of the ole psychic friends network, after all, I’m just going by what I’ve seen people admit all on their own.

    Freud had a name for it, when you drag other people into the same situation that once traumatized you…cc, you’re so well educated, you must know the term.

    It’s interesting too that this man advocates for death for all, not just the young. cc, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you: your allies will snuff you as soon as look at you. Now, are you prepared to be euthanized when someone ELSE decides you should be, when someone ELSE decides that you are a “useless eater”? Are you looking forward to having your own personhood stripped from you when people who are stronger than you decide you just don’t qualify anymore?

    When we advocate for life, we don’t do a survey to find out if you’re worthy of it first. We advocate for all life. I would still give you water, even if you forgot your own name. I don’t give out a questionaire to the elderly and say, well, you once supported abortion so no soup for you! And neither will any other advocate for life. But the people who will neglect you are your own allies.

    Tell us, cc, are you really ready to follow that line to its logical conclusion? It’s never too late, you know, to embrace life.


  25. i would also second what ninek has said. many may not believe it but i guess in real life people view me as compassionate. i would treat cc and joan as i would want to be treated. i just cannot understand why they feel that unborn children deserve death.


  26. “I would still give you water, even if you forgot your own name. I don’t give out a questionaire to the elderly and say, well, you once supported abortion so no soup for you.”

    And I would have the right to tell you to take your water and pour it down the drain if I choose to end my life. You have no right to impose your will on me. If I were not capable of making a decision regarding end of life, my medical POA would do so based on the stipulations of my living will. Assisted suicide is legal in some states and in Europe – despite the efforts of the “right to life” to stop it. It’s all about the right to make a choice about what is contained in one’s body.


  27. I notice that many of the more vehement anti-choicers are post-abortive, others aren’t – so to say someone who is vehemently pro-choice is post-abortive is rather pointless. Some are, some aren’t.

    “Freud had a name for it, when you drag other people into the same situation that once traumatized you” – and how would that apply to both post-abortive anti-choicers and post-abortive pro-choicers?


  28. “Our most “ardent” and “zealous” abortion advocates have all admitted to being post-abortive.”

    Despite your wishing to be so, I am not “post-abortive” whatever that may mean. Perhaps you could cite some mainstream studies, by the scientific community, to support this bogus diagnosis. Perhaps you could refer me to the page in the DSM IV that describes this alleged syndrome. You claim that science is on your side. With reference to “post abortive,” it’s not. Ninek actually stumbled upon the truth when she described “projection” which is what “post abortive” is all about. It’s a bogus diagnosis that is meant to rationalize, for the anti-choice community, the reality that many people are pro-choice based on their cognitive abilities and personal beliefs – with no past abortion “trauma” which is what the anti-choice community thinks all women experience. Trust me – they don’t. Actually, trust women they know what’s best for them. Not you.


  29. here is where i am in disagreement with rtl. i do not want a g tube to sustain my life. im not in the mood to debate it tonight but i would like my right to die respected in my living will.


  30. Well, well, well…

    Look how the troll tries to deflect and rationalize. I didn’t ask the troll about suicide, I asked the troll about being euthanized. Trust women and men to snuff the weakest who dare get in their way?

    Many trolls have admitted here being post-abortive, so the Freudian term is not “projection”. Projection, as you need to be informed, is not limited to traumatic situations.

    Time and time again our trolls reveal how sadly lacking they are in the educations they brag to have completed.

    Folks, wanting to commit suicide is a sypmtom of depression, but our trolls don’t want any treatment for their depression. It doesn’t suprise me. They think the treatment for pregnancy related anxiety is to murder the child, so the treatment for depression is to murder the patient. So scientific, huh?


  31. Ex says:

    “Mr Klein seems well suited for the pro-life/pro-choice games…”

    The reality at the clinics in not what you think it is. Do not denigrate the pro-lifers by lumping them into a “game” scenario with adversaries in some kind of a contest. The killing of unborn children is not a “game” my friend! It may be to casual observers or others who have no idea what an abortion is, but I would expect more from enlightened observers.


  32. Who said post-abortion was a medical diagnosis? I think most people understand that it means “after abortion”.


  33. here is where i am in disagreement with rtl. i do not want a g tube to sustain my life. im not in the mood to debate it tonight but i would like my right to die respected in my living will.

    Heather, I think that’s true for many of us. Maybe most of us – is there not a point past which we would not want our bodies kept alive?


  34. phillymiss,

    I’m looking forward to War Horse and also The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I can take crime movies. Horror, not so much.

    It can’t be as bad an experience as sitting through Fanny and Alexaqndra with my family for our first rental of a videotape. Here’s a widely acclaimed Swedish film. And here’s my Swedish mother and Norwegian gradmother. And here’s a couple skin-crawling sex scenes.

    Only now can I LOL!


  35. CC, you said you self-aborted. How then are you not post-abortive?

    All the vehement pro-aborts I have ever met were indeed post-abortive. Gee… .wonder why we would then draw that conclusion CC?


  36. The troll, CC, by revealing herself at this most joyous of seasons where we celebrate the coming of the Christ child shows she cannot abide by the idea that life is a gift and a mystery to be exalted and reverenced.

    Presently it would be beyond CC to imagine that our Savior Jesus the Christ could have loved her so much to die for her alone that she would be saved, the same as he did for each of us. But that is presently…each of us has a path to travel and as long as we breathe there is hope.

    What do we mean when we say: Merry Christmas? A thought provoking reflection on this the other day from the writer/blogger Michael Voris reminds us that the reverse side of Christmas is the reality of hell–precisely the reason Jesus came to redeem a fallen humanity that we might be saved.


  37. “CC, you said you self-aborted. How then are you not post-abortive?”
    Sydney, it would appear you have caught CC in a lie. But we both know that the mind-bending liberal pro-abort there is no such thing as truth or lie; ther is only what they make up their own Reality.


  38. This thread really made me think about the Samaritan woman at the well. When Jesus talked to her, she enthusiastically asked for the water that he offered. When he told her what he knew about her, she didn’t waste a beat on embarrassment or defensiveness. She ran into the village and proclaimed to everyone! Like the woman who annointed him with perfumed oil, the story is her memorial. Blessed is the woman who brings the good news to her neighbors!


  39. CC- what i have never understood is- if you want to be able to control your body and life, how can you justify destroying any choice or control for your baby? You are taking away all her rights by murdering her. I’m not a Christan, I’m not a republican, but I feel absolute sick to my stomach when I think about abortions. Theres something wrong with society if it doesn’t realize that there is a silent genocide going on, for the most innocent, helpless, victims. I’m sorry that it made you lonely, and was struggle- but just because life is hard doesn’t mean murder is acceptable. I pity you.


  40. “Lost” I`m not.   Still escorting at the same place.  Definitly am not “post-abortive”   have never impregnated anyone but my wife of 53+ yrs and we had no abortions but did have 4 children and seven grandchildren… all our children and and the four oldest grand children are pro-choice..when the three youngest get old enough to decide they`ll no doubt also be pro-choice.  My Catholic wife is also pro-choice and pro- right-to-die.

    “Culture of death” is an term invented by the pope to try to dirvert attention from the molesting priests he`d been covering up for all these years. It`s to laugh.


  41. “Culture of death” is an term invented by the pope to try to dirvert attention from the molesting priests he`d been covering up for all these years. 

    Proof please.  I heard this term in my childhood so I’m not sure how the pope could have invented it before he was even pope.  You should stop slandering people, Bernie.  If you are not sure what slander is, ask your Catholic wife.  She should know.  Or maybe not.  

    Your wife can read a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church online to better educate herself (and then in turn try to educate you) about the Catholic Church.  She may then decide her beliefs aren’t really that close in line with the Catholic Church and she will stop calling herself Catholic.  Or maybe not.  Maybe she could just coat herself in sugar in attempts to disguise herself as a jelly donut. 

    What term did the folks at Penn State and in the Boy Scouts invent to divert attention from child molesters?   

    What terms do the folks at Planned Parenthood use to divert others from what they really do?   


  42. all our children and and the four oldest grand children are pro-choice

    It must just warm the cockles of their heart to know how you and your “Catholic” wife fight for your rights to have had them killed when they were gestating. Grandpa and grandma sure work hard to make sure mommy and daddy had the “right” to have us killed in utero if they had wanted to…because they love us…or something.


  43. Now that Mr. Klein has googled his way to us, hopfully he’ll google his way to understanding babies are people too.
    But I’m not holding my breath.


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