For the second year in a row pro-lifers crashed an abortion group’s annual Christmas fundraising event. No justice, no peace.

On December 12, pro-life activists from Randall Terry’s group Insurrecta Nex disrupted DC Abortion Fund’s “Peace, Joy, and Choice Winter Holiday Party” being held at One Lounge, an upscale bar in Washington, D.C.

This year, rather than simply barging in “and getting thrown out pretty fast,” the pro-life team – David, Ed, Gary, and Joan – paid an entry fee at the door with a precanceled check, mingled a bit while working their way to the back of the room farthest from the exit to prolong their impact, and then began shouting. Here’s video…

Pro-abortion partiers threw the four out, who then moved to the front sidewalk and began displaying graphic abortion signs to incoming and outgoing revelers.

Police were called, but after warning the pro-lifers not to try to go back inside and not to block the sidewalk, they left (after also forcing the pro-lifers to delete video with them in it, wrong but “not a hill we wanted to die on,” wrote David).

At 1:25 on the video you can barely see Gary tossing bloody plastic babies on the floor, leaving behind silent reminders of what DCAF supporters fund for revelers to pick up.

DCAF “great” auction items included a “plush ovary” and an “awesome coat hangar pendant.”

DCAF’s newly released annual report indicates that in FY2011 it subsidized 127 first trimester abortions, 388 second trimester abortions, and for the first time, 48 “later term… 24 wks+” abortions. This was because “in Maryland, with Dr. LeRoy Carhart providing advanced abortion care, our fund has taken on even more responsibility to help women in dire circumstances be seen by a provider.”

In all, DCAF helped pay to kill 515 babies in FY11. Cost of the abortions ranged from $160 to $8,500, according to the report.

According to Guttmacher, 28% of all pregnancies end in abortion in D.C. It has the 4th highest rate of abortion in the US.

According to the 2010 census, the “D.C. black population still shrinking.” Reported the Washington Post:

About 54% of the city is African American and 40% is white, the census figures show. At the beginning of the decade, the city was 61% black and 34% white.

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