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  • Timmerie’s Blog has a guest post by a homeschooled Catholic teen who is reaching out to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies before they ever reach the “front lines” of an abortion clinic. She seeks out and counsels these women online at places like YahooAnswers and YouTube.

  • Wesley J. Smith comments on a Mark Steyn editorial regarding the consequences of the Baby Boomer generation’s decision to dramatically limit family size. Smith writes that along with this decision came a changed view toward sacrifice, ushering in an entitlement mentality which is so prevalent today.
  • Secular Pro-Life shares a pro-life poem read in a non-Christian, pro-choice Unitarian Universalist church each year at Christmas.
  • Right to Life of Michigan discusses the controversy over the opening of a new Planned Parenthood in MI’s Oakland County. Officials claim they don’t know yet whether they will perform abortions there, but there’s a problem with that story:Lori Lamerand [CEO of PP Mid and South Michigan] told pro-abortion Detroit News columnist Laura Berman in June of 2011 that PP was planning on performing abortions at this facility despite protests from the neighboring hotel owners. The article which notes PP’s plans to perform abortions at the Oakland County facility is even posted on PP’s web site.
  • John Smeaton is participating in the “Dark Glasses” campaign in support of blind Chinese political prisoner Chen Guangcheng and encourages readers to do the same.

  • ProWomanProLife reports on conjoined twins born in Brazil where abortion is highly restricted. Their mother received the twins, who have two heads but share one body, with joy. She named the boys Emanoel and Jesus (pictured left).
  • Reflections of a Paralytic draws us to a pro-life essay by Msgr. Charles Pope on bioethics and the birth of Christ.
  • Pro-Life Action League writes about how pro-abortion media bias has played a large role in shaping abortion debate by portraying pro-lifers as heartless and pro-choice killing as rational.
  • Alveda King of Priests for Life has a guest post by Matt Bowman encouraging parents of children with Downsyndrome to consider adoption instead of abortion:The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network both supports parents in choosing adoption of their own children with special needs if they feel they are not in a position to parent them, and helps parents interested in adopting to link up with such families or with older children.
  • ProLife NZ points out that since studies by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges show abortion does not improve the mental health of women, “… doctors who authorise abortions in order to protect a woman’s mental health are doing it on the basis of a false belief not supported by the medical evidence. In other words the vast majority of abortions in this country are technically illegal.”
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin gives an account of one of their Empty Manger Caroling efforts at an abortion clinic in Milwaukee where police officers attempted to get the carolers to leave. Apparently, the director at this clinic recently quit.
  • Mommy Life displays Planned Parenthood’s Christmas appeal for money – which, in typical PP fashion, does not mention the “A” word.

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