Last week actor Christian Bale drew attention to the plight of Chinese pro-life dissident Chen Guangcheng, who was previously jailed and is now under house arrest for documenting forced abortions and sterilizations in his country.

This week Women’s Rights without Frontiers, a pro-life group that has been trying to help Chen, announced it is launching a Christmas card campaign to support Chen.

“Send a Christmas card to encourage Chen Guangcheng and his family,” wrote WRWF president Reggie Littlejohn in a press release.  “Let them know that you are thinking about them and support them.  Also, let the Chinese Communist Party and the local officials know that Chen has supporters from all over the world.”

I asked Littlejohn how she would know Chen received our cards. She responded in an email:

I can’t make sure the cards will reach Chen himself.  I have his address and can mail them to him, which means that they will at least reach the local authorities who are in charge of him, and likely those above them as well.

That way, the authorities will know that the eye of the world is still on Chen.  This will likely help him get better treatment.  Also, I’m photographing the cards before sending them to him, so when he is freed (hopefully), he and his family will be able to read them.

This is a great idea. To participate, simply send a Christmas card to Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, P.O. Box 54401, San Jose, California, 95154.  WRWF will remove the envelope to protect your privacy and mail the card with your message to Chen.  WRWF also plans to post the cards on its websites.

This Christmas Card campaign is part of WRWF’s larger, international effort to free Chen.

WRWF’s petition to free Chen already has more than 7400 signatures.

WRWF’s Sunglasses Campaign has photos of people wearing sunglasses from five continents, including Argentina, Italy, Uganda, the United States, and China. Congressman Chris Smith supported this campaign by donning shades and posing with Littlejohn next to a large poster of Chen, created from smaller photos of his supporters wearing sunglasses.

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