Just as the cacophony of hate toward Tim Tebow’s ad garnered the pro-life issue millions of dollars in free publicity leading up to the 2010 Super Bowl, so we are seeing with Randall Terry’s ad leading up to the 2012 Super Bowl.

Yesterday came the news that the Obama machine was trying to block television stations from airing Terry’s ad, which shows the horrible truth about abortion. Terry got hold of the letter, and now we know the Democrat National Committee’s angle. Here’s the pdf, or click below to enlarge…

The DNC is trying to buffalo NBC affiliates by saying Terry is not a “bona fide” candidate in its eyes.

But FCC rules don’t stipulate that a political party must approve of candidates running for office in order for television stations to run their ads. That’s ludicrous. If that were the case, America would only see ads produced by establishment-approved candidates. And isn’t that what primaries are for? Come-uppers vs. the machine?

Furthermore, candidates are illegitimate if they previously belonged to another party? Tell that to Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill.

FCC rules are quite simple: To be “legally qualified” a candidate must 1) have publicly announced his or her intention to run for office; 2) be qualified under state or federal laws to hold the office s/he seeks; and 3a) be qualified for a place on the ballot;  or 3b) make a public commitment and legally qualify to seek office as a write-in candidate.

In fact, the DNC should have directed any complaints to the FCC, not television stations. As it stands, the DNC is encouraging television stations to break the law.

Now enter Gloria Allred into the fray. As Jivin J wrote yesterday, Allred has shot off a letter demanding equal time, also ludicrous.  From RadarOnline in a breathless “exclusive”:

Famed women’s rights advocate Gloria Allred has fired off a letter to television stations that are planning on airing an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl, and the legal ace is demanding that the ads not be aired because of their inflammatory nature, and RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained the letter….

According to the letter, if the stations air the commercials, Allred wants “the opportunity to appear on your station to express the pro-choice right to safe and legal abortion positions, as well as to react to the grossly offensive ad that your stations intends to air. Broadcasting the king of graphic images that you reportedly intend to air during the Super Bowl is extremely inflammatory.”

Just like the DNC, Allred is telling stations to break the law. Since when did “inflammatory” become the barometer by which political ads are or aren’t run? And since when were television stations obligated to give free equal time to opponents of political ads? This is all ridiculous.

As an aside, note that abortion proponents are not accusing Terry of lying. This entire stink is due to the fact they do not want the American public to see the truth about abortion.

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