When last I wrote about ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy in September 2011, abortion proponents were “thrilled” that Christina had aborted husband Owen’s baby.

Grey's AnatomyA recap: Christina (played by Sandra Oh) is a career-oriented resident surgeon who doesn’t want kids. Owen (played by Kevin McKidd), also a surgeon, does. The couple’s clashing belief systems create turmoil when Christina accidentally gets pregnant. But she ultimately gets an abortion with glum but supportive Owen by her side.

Pro-aborts were happy Christina killed her baby. The ACLU thanked Grey’s Anatomy for “provid[ing] an opening” to “change the culture.” NARAL gave show writers “kudos.” RH Reality Check thought the episode was “a reflection of current attitudes” and that ABC execs must have “realize[d] that a majority of their viewers think abortion should be safe, legal, and available.”Grey's Anatomy

Not so fast.

The advancing storyline: Owen and Christina don’t talk about the abortion afterward and try to awkwardly move on.

But in the January 19 episode Owen snaps. You can skip to :41 in this well-acted, heart-wrenching scene:

 “You killed our baby. You don’t ever forget that!” an anguished Owen cries out.

And that, RH Reality Check, is actually the “reflection of current attitudes” percolating under the surface of millions of relationships in America no matter how much time has passed since the Roe decision. People instinctively know abortion kills a baby.

Not surprisingly, abortion proponents have gone silent on this Grey’s Anatomy episode.

Grey's AnatomyBut not so critics. The Dishmaster proclaimed show creator Shonda Rhimes’ (pictured right) “writing slump… completely resurrected…. The show… is better than ever.” TVLine called this “too-real” episode one of the “best hours of TV.”

I give Rhimes, who sits on the board of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, credit for portraying one of the realities of the aftermath of abortion.

Here was another revealing comment by actress Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith on the show. She sure sounds pro-life. When asked if she thinks the onscreen couple will make it, Pompeo responded, according to the Huffington Post:

“That’s a really tough situation,” Pompeo said of Owen and Cristina. “I don’t see a good end…. Realistically, I don’t see how a couple could recover from something so damaging.

“But, this is ‘Grey’s Anatomy,'” she continued with a laugh. “Anything can happen. We’re not necessarily always in reality here.

Right, the reality is abortion destroys relationships.

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