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  • Bobby Joe Rodgers, a homeless man with an extensive arrest record, has been arrested for and has admitted to setting fire to Steven Brigham’s abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida. Rodgers told investigators he had an aversion to abortion.
  • The Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois plans to reopen after being closed since September. Here’s a PDF of the final order which includes the complaint, NIWC’s plan of correction, etc. The final order shows NIWC had to hire a “new” (he’s probably around 75 years old) abortionist as an “Independent Contractor” who has privileges at the Methodist Hospital of Chicago and will work one day a week at NIWC. The other abortionists who work at NIWC don’t have surgical privileges at an Illinois hospital.

  • The lawyers for abortionist/accused murder Nicola Riley want police and prosecutors in her case to be charged with contempt:

    In the petition for contempt, Riley’s attorneys argue that details about the charges against her have appeared in more than 700 news articles, prejudicing her presumption of innocence and likely tainting the jury pool….

    In the motion to unseal the indictment and set bail, Riley’s attorneys argue that the evidence against her is weak and that Maryland’s viable fetus law does not apply to her.

    “Because Dr. Riley is a medical professional and because she provided lawful medical care to a patient, in this case, she is exempt from prosecution,” the motion says. “The facts of this case… and the express language of the statute run counter to the state’s bald assertion that this case is unique.”

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