It’s always interesting to hear how the other side views its political proponents.

When they have whined in the past that pro-abortion politicians aren’t vocal enough, I have always held the opposite view.

But not lately.

While pro-life politicians could always do better, I have recently thought that particularly the Republican presidential candidates have come out quite strongly on the life issue. And to my knowledge, on January 23 John Boehner became the first Speaker of the House to ever address the March for Life. We’re seeing trickle-down pro-life.

And as everyone knows, we also made great gains in the states in 2011. The Washington Post published an interesting piece two days ago, “The state of Roe v. Wade in 9 charts.” Those charts do not bode well for pro-aborts. For example (click all to enlarge):

 So when pro-abortion MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow complained on her January 23 show that…

There have been more rollbacks of abortion rights since the 2010 elections than in any time since Roe versus Wade was passed 39 years ago.

And this massive, coordinated offensive against abortion rights by the Republicans has frankly been aided by the fact that while Republicans love to campaign on this issue, Democrats don’t love to campaign on this issue.

… I wondered and hoped that she may be right. It was certainly not this way in the past, but perhaps pro-abortion politicians are indeed becoming skittish on the abortion issue. Do they sense something is amiss? Was 2011 really the year the tide turned?

What I found funny about Maddow’s segment was that she had loser Alan Grayson on to corroborate, as if he’s a poster child for pro-abort politicos to emulate? Ha.



[HT: Newsbusters via Thomas]

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