Jodell Nauert is the talented lead singer of JoDell and the Mountain Road Band, “Tampa Bay’s premier concert and event band,” according to the group’s website.

If only Jodell stuck to music.

But Jodell is also co-owner of a chain of three abortion clinics, which she inherited from her abortionist husband George after he died in 2007.

Jodell doesn’t list the mills on her bio, but they are Bread and Roses in Boca Raton Clearwater, All Women’s Health Center of St. Petersburg, and All Women’s Health Center of Tampa.

The latter mill aborts up to 24 weeks. Read incorporation information here and more on Nauert’s history with the abortion industry here.

Pro-lifers in the Florida Pro-Life Network connected the dots, and on December 16 a dozen stalwarts conducted probably the first of its kind – a pro-life picket of an oyster bar – the Ollie Oyster Marina and Tiki Bar – where Jodell and her band were performing that night.

Be sure to watch the video to the end, when Jodell cautions a bar patron sassing the pro-lifers to watch his foul mouth because “there’s children over there.”


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