For quite some time elements of the Left have been mocking that which they think the Right holds sacred, from burning the American flag to sticking a crucifix of Jesus in urine.

Lately the The Crass Ones have landed on abortion, laughing about aborted fetus cookies and abortion Christmas ornaments while tweeting  #abortionclinicplaylistsongs.

Worse, they try to personally hurt people in the worst way possible by going after their children, such as mocking Sarah Palin for not aborting her son Trig and also mocking Rick Santorum for allowing his surviving children to grieve their deceased baby brother Gabriel.

So last week comedian Stephen Colbert thought he would one-up Sarah Silverman’s abortion humor – on steroids – by making fun of partial-birth abortion, a heinous late-term abortion procedure Rick Santorum worked hard to ban when he was U.S. senator…

Congrats, Mr. Colbert, for shocking me, harder and harder to do these days.

[HT: NewsBusters]

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