Hat tip to Secular Pro-Life for making this odd discovery.

Women & Teens Healthcare, located in North Miami Beach, Florida, offers both surgical and RU486 abortions.

It also sells the HCG diet.

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is the first hormone produced after conception. It is what turns a pregnancy test positive.

HCG is first produced by the baby before s/he implants. HCG triggers menstruation to stop and the placenta to grow.

HCG for diets is extracted from the urine of pregnant mothers and sold in pill or liquid form. The theory behind the HCG diet is it makes nonpregnant women (and men) burn fat.

Whether or not this is true, the irony here is obvious. Abort your baby in one room, and get a pregnancy hormone to lose weight in another room.

One other point. The FDA has declared over-the-counter (homeopathic) HCG illegal, although prescription HCG is legal. I called Women & Teens Healthcare this morning and asked which HCG product it sells.

It sells the over-the-counter HCG. I confirmed that twice. For $350 you can get a two-month supply of illegal and probably worthless HCG pills.

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