Top 10 2011: Stanek’s most commented posts

Thanks to web administrator Andy for compiling these stats. Always interesting to look back at hot button topics. All of these comments are now closed, sorry!

10. Stanek weekend question I: Would Jesus carry graphic signs of aborted babies, June 18 – 262 comments

9. Stanek Sunday extra: Eucharist flash mob, June 27 – 272 comments

8. Stanek weekend question: How do you tell children about abortion?, July 9 – 280 comments

7. Salon writer admits embellishing abortion story, May 31 – 289 comments

6. Occupy protestor miscarries after being at the wrong place at the wrong time, November 23 – 290 comments

5. Salon writer: “Abortion saved my life,” May 27 – 347 comments

4. Stanek weekend question: Is NFP a form of contraception?, September 10 – 352 comments

3. New Stanek poll: Do you view contraception as a pro-life issue?, July 24 – 357 comments

2. Stanek weekend question: Have you ever been pro-choice?, May 14 – 424 comments

1. Ted Turner defunds pro-abortion website, December 9 – 510 comments

6 thoughts on “Top 10 2011: Stanek’s most commented posts”

  1. Wow.. reading these old discussions I realized I can be a snarky jerk in debates. Apologies to anyone I was rude to for no good reason.


  2. I’ve never been prochoice but I sure have been a snarky jerk as well — even tonight. My apologies also.


  3. i should clarify that when i was pc i would say ” i would never have an abortion but if another woman needs one then thats their decision.”


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