CBS: Only abortion proponents attended the March for Life

This must be seen to be believed.

A CBS slide show entitled, “Activists Hold Annual March For Life On Roe v. Wade Anniversary,” is inexplicably featuring seven photos of the exact opposite: a microscopic band of abortion proponents who protested the March.

There are no photos of pro-lifers!

Someone at CBS has a wicked (pardon the pun) sense of humor.

Meanwhile Matt at the St. Blogostine blog posted photos depicting the reality of the day, which must have been too big for CBS to see. Cold and rainy as it was, pro-lifers – mostly young people – came out by the hundreds of thousands…

The International Business Times was honest enough to post more of the reality, which, as Michael Voris of noted, is the “largest annual gathering in Washington year after year, bar none.” Click to enlarge the beauty of life supporters…

Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic has posted a great video showing the magnitude of the March along with the vitality of our pro-life youth, in whom I’m so proud. Such good kids…

YouTube Preview Image

Ha. Meanwhile 50+ pro-abortion organizations can’t break 100,000 for a VIRTUAL march. Ha.

[HT for CBS photo gallery: Newsbusters via Thomas]

43 thoughts on “CBS: Only abortion proponents attended the March for Life”

  1. That photo gallery with all pro-aborts to which you link is the Washington CBS site.  The WaPo gallery is not so great either, but it is like 80% images of the Pro-Lifers, even though some are not so complimentary (yelling or pointing fingers at the Pro-aborts, for example).  The WaPo gallery is at
    Nonetheless, I completely agree with the sentiment that the MSM is totally biased.


  2. i love how the media conveniently “overlooks” the fact that between 400-500 THOUSAND people marched through DC for the cause of life.
    anyone else agree that the media might be just a teeny bit biased?


  3. Well, back in the 70’s (when I was a liberal pacifist in the anti-war movement) the media was biased in the other direction.  Our anti-war marches were always underestimated too.  How times have changed. 


  4. Sad that the young black woman holding the sign and wearing the “I had an abortion” t-shirt looks so GLEEFUL.
    Not something to “brag” about,  girlfriend.


  5. Oh, I’m in tears!! How exciting!! And none of those kids in the video felt the need to drop the f-bomb to make their point!!

    Wish I was there!!

    Yay for our youth!


  6. my daughter (15 y/o sophomore) and son (13 y/o 7th grade) were there with the Pro-Life Youth Congress – this was their second year to go – they came back really fired up just like last year – I love the PLYC trip because it is 3 days, and they get to see DC a bit, attend the SFLA conference and go to the march – I went last year but was unable to do so this year :(  last year and this, the only significant coverage we could find was on EWTN where we could see the whole march live and even spot our group in the crowd


  7. Chris Arsenault, lol… I don’t think so.  It really does look like him though.

    Stuff like this makes me so mad.  How do people not see how downright evil this is; both the act, and the coverage of pro-life events?


  8. Pregnancy is NOT a Sexually Transmitted Disease!

    The pregnant female already has a child. Therefore her subsequent CHOICE is whether or not to be the mother of a dead baby or a live one.

    Elective abortion is homicide!

    The pregnant woman consents, tho not always fully informed, but her pre-natal child, tho never consulted and never consenting, is fully informed of the violent act of abortion.

    Forty years after the fact, I still regret my abortion.


  9. it’s too bad that there isn’t a way to call the media out on their biased coverage.
    It seems unprofessional, unethical and manipulative. :(
    I know. I’m naive. :(
    Perhaps though the MSM still believes they rule the world – and don’t yet recognize the importance of social media. ????


  10. Me, too, ktb–I’m 41 years. From time-to-time satellite signals created problems watching EWTN but watched it on C-Span2. Very sad indeed that the media has their own agenda. I will be Silent No More!


  11. Get used to this alternative universe type of reporting…they are just getting warmed up for the Obama campaign.  It will be Obama this, Obama that…all is rosy, wonderful, and the Repbublicans are only for the rich and want to see Obama beat because they are all racists. 


  12. id love to teach the african american woman about black genocide. cant help but notice that the pro abortion white women look pretty miserable in the top photo. hmmmmmm stuck in denial perhaps?


  13. i went to the march i 2007 and it was huge. my girlfriend is whiite and her 2 kids are biracial. we cannot forget that obama has a white mother so how could white people be racist? against the white mother? nah. anyone against obama is against his policies. my girlfriend calls her kids “biracial” because she is white and her boyfriend is black. just confirming.


  14. of course the liberal media wont report how big the march was. satan wants to keep the killing going. satan works through people. he has come to rob kill steal and destroy.


  15. well cooper im not going to say that people arent racist to biracial couples. where i live its not unusual so not many people say anything. perhaps years ago it was less acceptable. but the media calling obama the first black president is incorrect. hes the first biracial prez.


  16. I’ve been saying for years that the MSM is the enemy, they are run by liberals, and for liberals. Don’t ever expect to get a fair shake from the MSM.


  17. Slightly off topic but every time I see one of those “keep abortion safe, legal, and accessible” signs I want to counter with one of those triangle signs with ‘safe’, ‘legal’, and ‘accessible’ or the three corners with ‘pick two’ in the middle. Even assuming you are pro-choice (which obviously I’m NOT) it’s abundantly clear that the three never co-exist.

    Another off topic, my blog post for “ask them what they mean by choice” day got reposted on fb by a (pro-choice) friend blogger with a large reader list and her fb post about it errupted! Well over 100 comments with over a score of people. I think that’s the most traffic my blog has ever gotten!


  18. Imagine what the count if you add p the number of peple who attended RoeVWade anniversary protest rallies thoughout the US.  There were two on the same day within a couple of hours last Sunday in our small town.


  19. Noticed that the pro-abortion-choice people didn’t come out until after the rain stopped.  Perhaps they were concerned that they would melt.  


  20. The cover up by CBS doesn’t stand a chance!
    This is the most positive, life-affirming revolution in history!


  21. Let me guess, according to CBS thousands upon thousands of abortion supporters descended on Washington, right?

    I mean, its just obvious from the pictures.


  22. EWTN quoted a great tweet on this saying that the March for Life must be composed of a few hundred thousand ninjas, since nobody seemed to see them coming or going.

    …Huh. Maybe, if I can ever actually go, I should wear my gi. :P


  23. I’m going to wear black clothes and a black balaclava to next year’s March, and carry a sign that says “NINJAS FOR LIFE”.


  24. They were drowned in negative comments, so they now have pictures of the pro-lifers up, too. That, in itself, is worthy of reporting. The tide IS turning!


  25. God Bless the Christedom students! As a prolife Catholic I wonder why we still have Girl Scouts in our parishes considering the Girl Scout Planned Parenthood connection? If we are prolife Catholics we should not want ANY connection to the BIGGEST abortion provider!!! Dont believe me check out Girl Scouts is connected to Planned Parenthood
    Girl Scouts Why Not? group is exposing the connection of Girl Scouts to Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion advocacy groups and individuals. We are asking all Catholic parishes and schools worldwide to sever ties with GSUSA and WAGGGS…..
    Over 100 Questions for Girl Scouts of the USA
    Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood
    There are alternatives to Girl Scouts
    American Heritage Girls
    Little Flowers Girls Club


  26. Reminds me of two very tongue-in-cheek comments I read years ago about this very phenomenon of fear and avoidance on the part of the MSM:

    After reviewing the situation, the U.S. military is consulting with the leaders of the March For Life as they apparently have the most advanced stealth technology/techniques on the planet.  It is hoped that the U.S. Navy will have completely invisible aircraft carriers within ten years.

    (Yeah, just cover it in those posters and no one will ever spot it)

    (And the second one…)

    So, to recap from all the coverage and non-coverage: a huge mob of about 300,000 middle-aged white male pro-life ninjas walked down the middle of a major street in Washington – to the Capitol, no less – with signs and banners and no one saw them.

    (Oh, we sneaky pro-lifers!)

    Always good for a chuckle, I think.

    I figure (as do many others), if they (i.e. much of the MSM) want to try to ignore us and hope no one knows about things like the March For Life, our task will be that much easier when they don’t fully know what we’re doing.


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