This must be seen to be believed.

A CBS slide show entitled, “Activists Hold Annual March For Life On Roe v. Wade Anniversary,” is inexplicably featuring seven photos of the exact opposite: a microscopic band of abortion proponents who protested the March.

There are no photos of pro-lifers!

Someone at CBS has a wicked (pardon the pun) sense of humor.

Meanwhile Matt at the St. Blogostine blog posted photos depicting the reality of the day, which must have been too big for CBS to see. Cold and rainy as it was, pro-lifers – mostly young people – came out by the hundreds of thousands…

The International Business Times was honest enough to post more of the reality, which, as Michael Voris of noted, is the “largest annual gathering in Washington year after year, bar none.” Click to enlarge the beauty of life supporters…

Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic has posted a great video showing the magnitude of the March along with the vitality of our pro-life youth, in whom I’m so proud. Such good kids…

YouTube Preview Image

Ha. Meanwhile 50+ pro-abortion organizations can’t break 100,000 for a VIRTUAL march. Ha.

[HT for CBS photo gallery: Newsbusters via Thomas]