Recently, liberals have been poking fun at the website Until Abortion Ends, where pro-lifers commit to giving up something they like – until abortion ends.

Last night Marion Jones, the daughter of beloved pro-life activist and Until Abortion Ends originator Jason Jones, was asked to appear on the Comedy Central show Tosh.O to explain why she is relinquishing her iPod until abortion ends.

Marion was absolutely amazing. I was so proud of her, a real chip off the old block.  Never mind show host Daniel Tosh. We’ve grown used to tasteless attempts to make abortion funny. I simply appreciate that he featured our topic. Marion was more than up to him, articulate and personable and near the end delivering a poignant – and I’m sure unexpected – heart grabber about how abortion has personally affected her. And Marion’s friends were great, too!

The pro-life baton is being passed to those who are more than able. Their generation will see the end of abortion.

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