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  • A Maryland woman was sentenced to only six months of home detention after she purchased abortion pills online for a teen girl. The girl was 20 weeks pregnant. After taking the pills, she went into labor and delivered a child, who died. Original stories noted that Sandra Craine could have faced 5 years in jail.

  • Paul Kengor writes about “Obama’s Dupes”:

    If that statement wasn’t amazing enough, [former U.S. Representative Kathy] Dahlkemper added this stunner: “I think we’ll look back on this bill and we’ll see a reduction in abortions in this country. It’s the most pro-life piece of legislation ever passed by Congress in this country.”

    Yes, she was talking about Obamacare. You can’t make this up.

    One wonders what Dahlkemper is thinking right now, as the radically pro-abortion president she so admired and trusted mandates that Dahlkemper and her fellow Catholics and their Church provide abortion drugs, contraception, sterilization, and no doubt more to come. That mandate comes directly from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., “Obamacare”) that Dahlkemper voted for.

  • Doctors have used adult stem cells to heal scars on the hearts of patients who experienced heart attacks:

    For the study, researchers tested 25 patients, an average of 53 years old, who had experienced heart attacks that had left them with damaged heart muscle. Eight patients served as controls and were treated with conventional treatments including medication, and diet and exercise recommendations. The other 17 patients received stem cells, which researchers derived from raisin-sized pieces of patients’ own heart tissue.

    The researchers found that patients treated with stem cells experienced almost a 50 percent reduction of heart attack scars within 12 months of treatment, while the eight patients who received conventional treatment saw no reductions in damage.

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