Planned Parenthood’s scorched earth campaign against Komen

Bearing in mind my previous post, “Inside story on Komen split from Planned Parenthood,” read these excerpts from the February 1 New York Times piece, “Uproar as breast cancer group ends partnership with Planned Parenthood”:

When the nation’s largest breast cancer advocacy organization considered in October cutting off most of its financial support to the nation’s largest abortion provider, the breast cancer group was hoping for a quiet end to an increasingly controversial partnership.

Instead, the organization, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, is now engulfed in a controversy that threatens to undermine one of the most successful advocacy campaigns….

Dawn Laguens, an executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said… she had no sympathy for Komen’s attempt to mollify donors by ending its relationship with a controversial provider of women’s health services….  “I think it’s particularly curious that they wanted to quietly put this decision out there.”

News of Komen’s decision galvanized many of Planned Parenthood’s supporters. The organization had collected $400,000 in donations by mid-afternoon on Wednesday and hoped the flow would continue long enough to replace Komen’s entire annual grants of $700,000….

Why are they going nuts?” Mr. [SGK board member John] Raffaelli asked rhetorically. “And the answer is that they want to raise money, and they’re doing it at the expense of a humanitarian organization that shares their goals and has given them millions of dollars over the years.”

Planned Parenthood certainly didn’t have to go this route. It could have taken Komen’s cue and not said anything, issuing an ambiguous “we-love-each-other-but-are-seeking-different-paths” statement when Komen’s defunding was noticed. Komen tried to let Planned Parenthood save face.

But breast cancer screening is Planned Parenthood’s best PR weapon to attract private funding, protect government funding, and detract from its abortion business. It couldn’t simply let Komen go. It had to go on the offensive. And it had to try to stop other foundations from following SGK’s suit.

If you hadn’t figured out before yesterday how ruthless Planned Parenthood is, it should be clear today. When crossed, PP takes no prisoners and holds no loyalty for past favors and friendships.

I’m sure SGK founder Nancy Brinker rues the day SGK ever decided to partner with Planned Parenthood, which was only six years ago. Don’t forget, Brinker was a Planned Parenthood supporter. In 1996 Planned Parenthood of North Texas gave her the Gertrude Shelburne Humanitarian Award, and as recently as 2011 she sat on that affiliate’s advisory council….

Planned Parenthood’s well-funded PR machine has been plotting to bring Komen to its knees since it learned it was being cut loose in mid-December.

By the time Planned Parenthood leaked the story to the Associated Press it had its petition drive good to go (in case you didn’t know, petition drives are usually mere fronts to get contact information of potential supporters), a special donations icon on its home page, emails (see right – note “BREAKING NEWS,” which Planned Parenthood itself broke after knowing the news for six weeks), and friends in the press lined up to echo its talking points. (Ha. Cecile’s line in her interview last night with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, “We’re really hoping this this is something that the Komen Foundation will rethink,” reminds me of the Godfather’s “We’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse.”)…

[Top graphic via Politico]

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  1. Planned Parenthood is the devil.

    I love their slogan; “We’re Here” (….because the sex must continue! … suction out your child that we like to call a blob of cells because it makes us feel better….to protect your daughter’s rapist!….so you guys don’t have to take any responsibility for sex!)

    I could go on and on and on.

    And Cecile and Lawrence?? A match made in hell.


  2. Whew!  Planned Parenthood didn’t let us down!

    Our worst nightmare would be this:
    — Planned Parenthood admits their guilt and errors, and publicly vows to make amends.
    — PP sets up public ethical boards and investigations, and cleans house — expressing shock and exposing the law-breakings in their own past.
    — PP drops their abortion-first strategy, and moves to a women’s-healthcare-first strategy.
    — PP invests in mammography service and provides full preventive heath-care.
    — PP invests in full-choice services for pregnant women, offering prenatal care, adoption referrals, and charitable-assistance counselling for mothers, and even discernment counselling to abortion-minded women.
    — PP offers extensive post-abortion counselling, even to women who had abortions long ago and at other clinics.
    — PP starts genuinely helping women.

    This would be our worst nightmare, because PP would still be the nation’s largest pusher of contraception and seller of abortions.

    A freshly cleaned reputation for PP would sure make our job harder.

    Let us thank SGK Foundation, and support Nancy Brinker in her conversion to a fully pro-woman/pro-life worldview.


  3. I love that this is getting national coverage by highly read papers like NYT. PP is being very bitter towards SGK – it really remind sme of Mean Girls or something.


  4. Jacqueline says: Del, Nancy Brinker DID NOT convert.
    Well… then let us encourage Nancy toward conversion.
    We don’t really care whether SGK dropped PP because SGK leadership cares about life and children, or just because PP is a slimy organization under criminal investigations by Congress and several states.
    Either way, the warm-and-generous response of the pro-life movement must be greater than the spewing hatred from the pro-abortion activists.  Eventually, love wins hearts.
    Meanwhile…. Nancy hired Karen Handel, and that speaks volumes about Nancy’s openness to truly helping women in need.


  5. Courtnay, PP only trusts women if they kill their babies.
    If you’re pro-life or even anti-giving money to slimy organizations – then you cannot be trusted, shouldn’t have a voice, and should mind your own buisness.


  6. So what’s the narrative? The world’s largest breast cancer foundation is anti-women’s health?


    Planned Parenthood has become the world’s largest leper colony, by their own design. Komen elected to get out of the leper colony before succumbing to PP’s fate. Good move.

    For any corporation that also wants to dissociate from the leper colony, donate to Komen in order to fund women’s health and indemnify themselves against the worn out narrative that not supporting PP is not supporting women’s health.

    Komen should set up a fund for all corporations wishing to follow Komen’s lead. The money from that fund should be used to purchase mammogram machines for low-income areas.

    That would be justice of the poetic sort. 


  7. I donated $50 to my college each year for the past five years, but forgot to send the check this year.  They just sent me the following letter:

    “Dear Henrietta,

    You are a selfish, self-absorbed, politically-motivated, hateful shrew.  We despise you, and wish nothing but misfortune and despair upon you and your family.  We’re launching a campaign to destroy you and are revoking your degree effective immediately.  We hope you’ll consider resuming your contributions in the future.”


  8. If you read the comments on SGK facebook page it’s shocking the number of people that believe PP does mammograms.
    Encouraging the use of Group 1 carcinogenic substances during a cancer screening appointment … what’s wrong with this picture?


  9. Why do you attribute spontaneous actions by a variety of people who support availability of breast cancer screening to low income people as actions by PP?

    Should we attribute all the crazies who advocate weird stuff but happen to share one ideal with you to you?

    Komen foundation made a decision. People reacted. There is plenty of stuff on all sides that I disagree with, I’m not trying to assign blame. Why are you?


  10. Amber and Bryan, you are wicked, women-hating anti-choicers and it sickens me to be in the same comment thread with you. I will ignore your idiotic misogynistic ramblings from now on. And please continue to “like” my comments.


    Dr. Henrietta G. Tavish
    Ph.D, Planned Parenthood School of Donor Relations, 2012


  11. I think after this with Susan G Komen Planned Parenthood is on rampant damage control. The local PPs here in TN are filing a suit against the state because our government voted to defund them several months ago.


  12. Seriously, who sues someone because they CHOOSE to stop supporting them, especially when said support is VOLUNTARY to begin with????
    Reminds me of the first American slave, a man sued his indentured servant because he wanted to leave after his service period was up and the courts actually ruled he didn’t have that right. Viola, first American slave was created. (this was before the race-lines were drawn and the American slave trade of Negros began).
    Now PP is trying to do the same thing all over again today, only this time they are trying to force the tax-payers servitude against their will. Most of us never VOLUNTARILY began this “servitude” to begin with. If the courts actually bow to this idiocy it will make slaves of all of us to PP. I wouldn’t put it past PP to stupe so low as to sue Komen for their withdrawal of their VOLUNTARY support too. God keep those judges from such anti-constitutional idiocy! And open the eyes of all who still ignorantly believe PP is there “to help women”.


  13. The day that PP gets a university is the day the world will surely begin to end….smh…


  14. Henrietta – I just spent 15 minutes with Google trying to decide if I had been punked by your first post or the second!  My conclusion is both – too funny.  Thanks for the laugh(s).


  15. Gerard – I completely agree, except to be sure those mammogram machines are NOT located in any Planned Parenthood…


  16. Those 700,000 breast exams are standard with a yearly exam … nothing more.  They already get federal funding –but hopefully not for long.


  17. Del’s nightmare of PP becoming pro-woman in all other aspects while continuing abortions reminds me of a slightly serious one of my own:
    The only drawback to curing lung cancer would be all the stinking smoking that would be going on!  ;)


  18. Apparently Planned Parenthood cares more about itself than the fact that it’s hurting an organization that’s helping women. They’re always talking about being an advocate for women and that sort of thing, but I guess when it comes down to it they’ll take out anybody they have to. They do make their money from taking lives though, what do you expect?


  19. Komen stands for life. Planned Parenthood stands for death. That’s all I have to say.


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