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  • 40 Days for Life spotlights a story on the recent closing of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Storm Lake, IA, the site of a prayer vigil led by Sue Thayer. Thayer, a former manager at the very same clinic, was fired after 17 years of employment for objecting to telemed abortions.

  • The Abolitionist Society of Oklahoma dissects The Abortion Gang’s profane reaction to one of their graphics (pictured left), which likens abortion to slavery.
  • Abortion in Washington notes the “mafia mentality” of Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion lobby, as evidenced by the recent Komen debacle. Other groups have been embedded into the culture of death, as well, and there is no clean exit. The abortion “mafia” will play hardball to keep you in.
  • The Anti Abortion Gang points out the effectiveness of Texas’ late-term abortion industry regulations, which have resulted in over 2,000 children’s lives saved.
  • Big Blue Wave shows an ad for an Orlando abortion clinic that reads like an ad for Jiffy Lube – free pap smear (with purchase of a “3-minute, pain-free” abortion), and free wi-fi.
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition presents important information on the status of euthanasia in Canada, where “doctors are claiming the unilateral right to withdraw life-sustaining treatment from a patient without consent of the patient or the substitute decision maker, who are usually the family.”
  • Generations for Life report the largest crowd ever for Teen Speak 2012, not unlike the annual March for Life in DC which also drew a large, enthusiastic and youth-filled crowd.
  • Accepting Abundance shares a video which explains hormonal contraception and its methods of operation. In light of the recent HHS mandate, it is important that people understand the reasons behind pro-life objections to contraception:


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