I saw the above Planned Parenthood tweet a couple days and first thought, You have got to be kidding, and then thought, Of course this is how they’ll spin this.

The Obama administration provoked a huge nationwide controversy in January by ordering religious groups to cover contraceptives, abortifacients, and sterilization in their insurance plans, and now the Left is trying to say the Right started it. The obvious political ploy is to try to peg Republicans as anti-contraceptive, since pegging them as anti-abortion is no longer a winning issue.

On that note, let the political cartoon revisionism begin.

by Dan Wasserman at GoComics.com

 a twofer by Mike Luckovich at GoComics.com

 by Clay Bennett at GoComics.com

 by Stuart Carlson at GoComics.com

 by Robert Ariall at Townhall.com

 by Clay Jones at GoComics.com

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