The state’s application for renewal of the program, which expires on March 31, makes it clear they want the program to continue and will have ample providers available when fewer than 100 Planned Parenthood sites no longer receive funds.

There are currently more than a thousand certified WHP [Women’s Health Program] providers in Texas who are not abortion providers or affiliates of abortion providers. These typically offer comprehensive primary and preventative care to low-income women in addition to family planning. That means women likely see a doctor at her visit.

Planned Parenthood offers only a narrow range of services and is unwilling or incapable of offering comprehensive primary care. Planned Parenthood cannot treat breast cancer. They do not even have mammogram machines. The only time a woman sees a doctor at Planned Parenthood is if she is there for an abortion. Women deserve better.

~ Press statement, Texas Alliance for Life, February 24

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