Well it didn’t take long for my new son-in-law to stir up trouble in the U.S. I couldn’t be prouder.

He would be Kiwi Andy Moore, who launched AbortionWiki.org a couple months ago, about the same time Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman launched AbortionDocs.org.

And look at the hornets they have stirred. Pro-life friend Leslie forwarded me this email she received a couple days ago. Click to enlarge…

 So now pro-lifers will know if they’re worth their salt. Should they make Voice of Choice, they have arrived.

Speaking of profiling, Todd Stave is the co-owner, along with his sister Nancy, of Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Maryland, one of the mills where infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart kills babies.

The siblings inherited the business in 2000 from their father, abortionist Carl Edward Stave. Lovely family dynasty. Read more here, on the profile page pro-lifers created about Stave.

At any rate, abortion proponents can no longer accuse pro-lifers of covertly promoting violence against abortionists by posting their personal information. Surely abortion proponents don’t have that in mind by this venture, because surely they condemn violence.


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