I reported February 8 that Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 had dedicated a segment of his show to mocking the concept behind the Until Abortion Ends campaign, wherein participants pledge to give up something they like until abortion is again made illegal.

GenY-er  Marion Jones, daughter of pro-life activist and Until Abortion Ends originator Jason Jones, waylaid Tosh’s spoof a tad when she admirably explained the concept.

But Tosh recovered to say he was giving up his “frequent abortion card” to “Mulligan’s” abortion mill, handing it to an obviously pregnant mother entering the fake clinic, saying, “Do you mind taking this? I get double stamp for late-term.”

Last week Tosh auctioned off his Mulligan’s Abortion Card as one of “100 original items… [of] authentic, one-of-a-kind memorabilia used in the the production of Tosh.0.”

A total of 55 bidders competed to win this “unique piece of television history!”

The winner got the card for $305…

Here’s a reminder of how funny abortion is…

[HT: Randi]