Comedy Central comedian auctions abortion spoof memorabilia

I reported February 8 that Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 had dedicated a segment of his show to mocking the concept behind the Until Abortion Ends campaign, wherein participants pledge to give up something they like until abortion is again made illegal.

GenY-er  Marion Jones, daughter of pro-life activist and Until Abortion Ends originator Jason Jones, waylaid Tosh’s spoof a tad when she admirably explained the concept.

But Tosh recovered to say he was giving up his “frequent abortion card” to “Mulligan’s” abortion mill, handing it to an obviously pregnant mother entering the fake clinic, saying, “Do you mind taking this? I get double stamp for late-term.”

Last week Tosh auctioned off his Mulligan’s Abortion Card as one of “100 original items… [of] authentic, one-of-a-kind memorabilia used in the the production of Tosh.0.”

A total of 55 bidders competed to win this “unique piece of television history!”

The winner got the card for $305…

Here’s a reminder of how funny abortion is…

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16 thoughts on “Comedy Central comedian auctions abortion spoof memorabilia”

  1. Children watch shows like Tosh.0.  And we wonder why society is so upside-down.  Television is full of trash programming that couldn’t be much different if it was intentionally designed to warp people’s minds.


  2. yep sefish jerk! he likes his life….go ahead and LOOK at your choice! i would bet my life if you let these people into an abortion clinic for a day they would change their minds. especially late term abortions.


  3. What I just watched was horrifying, in no way was it funny.  Unborn children are already robbed of their lives and their dignity, why would we, under any circumstances, give the bloodthirsty left a chance to ridicule them.  God says, Have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  Ephes. 5:11  


  4. That card is one of the most depraved things I’ve seen.  What an empty and hopeless man he must be to mock the murdering of babies.  God have mercy on him and all those who bid on that sick piece of evil.


  5. ” I’ve watched hist stand-up routine before. It kinda revolves around him being a terrible person.”

    Exactly! Tosh basically tries to be as absolutely offensive as possible in all his shows. See also: his episodes with oh-so-hilarious rape jokes. Sometimes he is funny, a lot of time he goes a bit too far.


  6. Hey, wait a minute: those “clumps” on the Mulligan’s card look suspiciously like developing humans… when did the “Unclumping Personhood Fairy” tap them on the head???


  7. You’d think he’d be a little more sensitive to his “undeveloped” brothers and sisters, since he himself admits to being undeveloped. He’s not even a “Tosh 1.0”, while we aspire to being a “2.0” in the next life.
    He better get cracking and join humanity.


  8. Right or wrong, everything is relative. 
    BTW, placing pictures of bloody mutilated fetuses in your column… classy!
    You say a lot of things but really practice shocking extremism, which is ok as long as you can push your agenda down other peoples throats.  
    We’ll see how you would react when a murdering psycho rapist leaves you with a child inside you that you don’t want.


    Who do you think pushed their agenda down those mutilated fetuses’ throats?
    I think it’s funny you threw “murdering” into your “psycho rapist” line. What do you think abortion does, has the child escorted out by unicorns and taken away to be raised by a nice farm family?


  10. “You say a lot of things but really practice shocking extremism, which is ok as long as you can push your agenda down other peoples throats.  ”
    The picture isn’t pushing an agenda other than the truth. That’s the point of using graphic REAL images – to get people to realize what horrible things are happening or have happened. Why are children taught about the Holocaust at school, about slavery, about segregation? Why is there a Holocaust museum? Does anyone go in there and accuse Jews of pushing their extreme agenda on gentiles? It’s important to teach people the mistakes of the past so hopefully history won’t repeat itself! This is why people need to see these images, this is truth in front of your face, and if someone has a problem with looking at graphic abortion images, they should rethink their beliefs.


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