I wrote yesterday that President Obama’s strategy to attract women voters with his HHS contraceptive mandate isn’t working. Both a New York Times/CBS poll and Bloomberg poll showed a huge drop in support among women for Obama since 2008.

Here’s more bad news. Another NYT/CBS poll, conducted March 7-11, shows 57% of Americans think religious affiliated employers should be allowed to opt out of mandated contraceptive coverage, even if misunderstanding the genesis of the controversy…

Also note 51% of those polled thought any employer should be able to opt out.

Apparently Americans are pro-choice on contraceptive coverage.

There has been a huge opinion shift on this issue in the last month. The numbers have almost reversed. Or perhaps it has to do with the framing of the question. A February 12 NYT/CBS poll showed 61% agreed that “religious employers [should] be required to cover contraception,” while 31% disagreed.