Americans United for Life has launched a new educational effort: The Con: The Attack on 1st Amendment Rights.

The con? According to AUL president Charmaine Yoest:

[T]he coercive policies in the healthcare law that are forcing both an abortion mandate and an abortion-inducing drug mandate on all Americans – regardless of their personal beliefs. In a public relations bait-and-switch tactic, the Administration pretends that this is about contraception. But that’s a con — this issue is about mandating abortion-causing drugs.

More than 8,000 clinics across the U.S. provide contraception at little or no cost, and it is universally available in any number of retail stores. Clearly, it is readily accessible. What is at stake here is the Obama Administration’s agenda of forcing all Americans to pay for life-ending drugs.

Check out AUL’s website for key facts and to sign up for updates. AUL has also released a cutting edge video to introduce its campaign…


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