Obama losing his woo on women

Spin can become so engrained people accept it without thinking.

The media promotes the liberal mantra that Republicans to their doom are focusing on “social issues,” ignoring the fact that right under their noses President Obama, the Democrats, and liberal feminists are pushing a new social issue – contraceptive access – in an unabashed attempt to woo women, and they’re the ones losing. There could be any number of reasons why the strategy isn’t working, but the fact is it isn’t working.

Two new polls are very encouraging, both conducted by the mainstream media.

A New York Times/CBS poll, conducted March 3-11, shows a huge overall drop in support for Obama, but particularly among women…

The truth about “who started it” is tucked away in this encouraging Politico story reporting on the Bloomberg poll, conducted March 8-11:

Despite a significant outreach effort to female voters and Democratic accusations of a GOP ‘war on women,’ a new Bloomberg poll shows Obama losing ground among women from his 2008 vote share.

In a head-to-head matchup with Mitt Romney, women voters back Obama 49% to 45% – but this is 7 points lower than Obama’s 2008 female vote share. Obama captured 56% of the female vote in 2008, according to exit polls. And the birth control debate does not seem to have done huge or lasting damage to the Republican party’s brand among women. The survey finds that 49% of female voters view the Democratic party favorably, while 44% view the Republican party favorably….

With a renewed focus on birth control, women’s health and reproductive rights, Democrats believe they have found a winning issue designed to both attract moderate voters and energize liberal activists. But the Bloomberg poll is evidence that, while many women voters back Democratic positions on women’s health and reproductive freedom, it’s simply not an important enough issue to sway their vote in a shaky economy.

So the Bloomberg headline about its poll is total, false spin…

Here’s the poll question…

There is no blame assigned to that question. Fingers should not be pointed at Republicans. It was Obama and his HHS contraception mandate that started all this. In actuality, those polled are rejecting the liberal push, even as the media and liberals try to claim just the opposite.

Liberals are trying to make hay of the answers to this Bloomberg question…

About it Bloomberg reported:

Americans overwhelmingly regard the debate over President Barack Obama’s policy on employer-provided contraceptive coverage as a matter of women’s health, not religious freedom, rejecting Republicans’ rationale for opposing the rule.

But Americans aren’t “rejecting” anything. They just misunderstand. As importantly, even though they misunderstand, they still aren’t being won over. Obama is getting not getting the points he hoped for and desperately needs.

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  1. There is no pile of condoms high enough to hide the big nothing that he accomplished so far as president.   Sometimes nothing is harder to deflect than something.


  2. I don’t know, Ninek. Planned Parenthood has a BUNCH of condoms that could make a pretty high pile.


  3. “There is no blame assigned to that question. Fingers should not be pointed at Republicans.”

    That is the whole point of asking whether or not it should be debated.  No matter which answer is more popular, they can still say that Republicans are losing.  

    It is just a game. 


  4. Our only chance of defeating Obama on this was a massive backfire of his gamble. It looks like that is what is happening here. It could have gone the extreme opposite and thankfully it didn’t.

    He’ll be getting desperate and I’m just concerned about what he will try next.


  5. Old news, President’s numbers back up nicely.
    What prominent Republican said this?
    I do think Obama’s done a good job overall. There are a lot of things I don’t agree with him on; he knows it. I have the honor and privilege of seeing those guys a lot. [Vice President] Joe [Biden] is a good friend. Obama and I got to know each other pretty well in the Senate even though he wasn’t there very long. As you know, he asked Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island) and me to go to the Middle East with him so we spent a lot time [together]… I have the highest regard for him in every way. I think he’s one of the finest, most decent individuals I’ve ever known and one of the smartest… I try to remind my Republican friends when they hammer him that this is a guy who inherited the biggest agenda of problems in this country ever inherited by a president since Franklin Roosevelt and maybe worse. Roosevelt didn’t inherit two wars that were messes with a global financial crisis.  Everywhere you look, this guy had problems to try to dig his way out of it. And I think he deserves some credit.   
    Maybe we aren’t as far down the road as we could be, but I don’t think we’ve gone backward. We’ve gone in the right direction. Any president … first two years of his administration he’s really dealing with the previous administration’s budgets… That’s why I said it’s the fifth and sixth years of a two-term president that give him the biggest window.


  6. The exact same people were pushing the exact same “War on Women!!!” rhetoric in 2004.  The candidate with the so-called “anti-woman” policies still won the popular vote in November.  I can’t say their empty threats are any more terrifying today than they were then.


  7. Since my earlier post I’ve given this some thought.
    Don’t think this strategy backfiring on Obama is a huge defeat for him and victory for us. So far its not. The policy still stands and Obama will never back down.
    This is a major step in the right direction, but certainly no clear cut victory or defeat either way.


  8. The only poll that matters is the one taken on the second Tuesday in November of 2012.


  9. Remember, Democrats vote on the second Tuesday in November.  Republicans vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday.  Just kidding.  But it’s not like Dems need to remember when to vote anyway.  The Unions buses will show up to drive them to the polls and make sure they vote the proper Democrat way.


  10. Hal says: March 15, 2012 at 2:32 p

    “What prominent Republican said this?”

    Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow,  Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Scott Brown, Kay Bailey Hutchison, John McCain, Susan Collins


  11. For those who want to understand polling better and look at a more complete picture – here you go:


    Quite simply, grabbing one poll when tons are available (to take an overall average) is like reading one chapter of a book and writing an entire review on it.  

    Pew research by the way has Romney at a favorable rating of 29% and Santorum at 27%.  Four year ago, Obama was at 56, Clinton at 50, and McCain at 45%.


  12. It’s the economy, O foolish ones! And I’m talking to you, mainstream media and the Left (but I repeat myself)!


  13. Reminds me of my tweet after Andrew Breitbart died:

    “The #1 reason Democrats are happy Andrew Breitbart died is, they need all the votes they can muster for Obama at this point.”


  14. ken,
    You were right there. Hal just said in the update post that it was Chuck Hagel. I was afraid it was Santorum, but now that quote is of no effect.


  15. The liberal left has done everything possible to be Obamas water boys. I, for one, do not believe the polls are in favor for Obama by most women at all. The reason is, women are not making contraception a big issue, the big issue for women today is the price of gas, the price of groceries going up everytime we go to the store, losing a job. This president has no clue how to run a country and it is evident he never held a meaningful job. I paid $4.00 a gallon for gas yesterday that was less than two when he won office. In Florida and California, it is over $5 and climbing. My groceries are now running over two hundred dollars a week and my children are grown. This is the same president who refused to sign the Keystone pipeline, to open oil and gas wells, who has the EPA breathing down everyones neck. This is the same guy that has put more regulations on businesses than any president in history, who has raised our deficit more than any president in our great nations history. This is the same president that has taken away more of our freedoms than any president in history. Women are not stupid. We want a better life for our children and grandchildren. I really do not see how anyone that loves their children and grandchildren would even consider voting for this man. 


  16. Susan – the best way to crash the price of gas is to tank the economy, which is why it was the price it was 4 years ago.

    US produces hundreds of times what the UK produces in gas, and our prices rise and fall just the same.  We produce much more oil than we did four years ago.  To think that we can just drill more and open some pipelines is not understanding the market forces at play.


  17. “To think that we can just drill more and open some pipelines is not understanding the market forces at play.”

    To think that people are just thinking that simplistically is not understanding the rational forces at play. 

    Obama: “We have to keep developing our petroleum resources, but we also have to develop new forms of energy.”

    Then folks pooh-poohing oil forget that the “also” in there has a commutative quality to it: “We have to develop new forms of energy, but we also have to  keep developing our petroleum resources.”

    I have no idea why some people think they can get away with some bizarre slight of hand, imagining that the latter proposition is not an obvious implication of the former. It’s not even an implication. It’s just reversing the order in an enumeration of two imperatives everyone agrees on until someone starts mentioning one of them specifically enough to actually suggest doing something consistent with the dictum. 


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