Obama plugs Planned Parenthood in new video

Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood are Siamese twins that share one heart, cold and dark as it is. One cannot survive without the other.

Imagine the dire straits Planned Parenthood would find itself in today without Obama fending off its attackers these past three years. Planned Parenthood’s fortunes rest on Barack Obama. And vice versa. From the Boston Globe, March 27:

Democrats say Obama must win the women’s vote by a sizable margin, if he has any hope of serving a second term. He won women by 13 points over John McCain in 2008. But in 2010, when Republicans seized control of the House, Democrats lost support from women by 1 point. It was the first time in 37 years that the party did not carry women voters in a national election….

“It’s the ultimate battleground,’’ Lake said. “Independent women will be who determines this election.’’

To underscore the gravity of their plights, Obama has made a promotion video for Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

The first question that popped into my mind was whether it is legal for a sitting president to shoot an official (tagline at the end, “www.WHITEHOUSE.gov”) advocacy video for a political advocacy/fundraising group in the White House (Red Room – which looks pink – clever).

But I expect they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s. It still smells, though. President Bush could never have gotten away with making an advocacy video for FRC Action from the Blue Room.

As for the fact that PP is the United States’ largest abortion provider, and that’s what’s really at stake here, Obama would only speak to that particular service in code, decrying those would deny women  “decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor.” About what else could that refer? Certainly not everyday gynecological needs. “We need to talk through the ramifications of your having a breast exam”? No.

But that’s what Obama moved on to give as examples, including “the woman with a new lease on life because a mammogram caught her cancer.” Wait, women can get mammograms at PP? Wrong. As Students for Life points out, President Obama apparently hasn’t gotten that memo. Although surely he has. Consider who undoubtedly wrote his script – PP. Sneaky.

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33 thoughts on “Obama plugs Planned Parenthood in new video”

  1. Too upset to even post something remotely coherent right now. He makes me feel nauseous. Please, women, let’s vote him out of office now! 


  2. “If you truly value your families you shouldn’t play politics with a women’s health.” – Abortionist-in-Chief, Barrack Obama

    Self-awareness – not too much.  

    Women killed by abortion and Planned Parenthood – 26 million.  So I guess Obama’s message is really don’t vote Obama out so that he can continue to endorse policies that kill women…. his advice to women:  play politics so that I can kill women, so that women’s health is not a concern for these women.


  3. Just when you think Obama could not sink the Office of the President any lower….

    I am just so darn sick and tired of this guy…..vote him back to Kenya !


  4. Hasn’t Obama said that he would like to reduce the number of abortions? I guess promoting the country’s largest abortion provider fits somewhere in that plan.


  5. Doesn’t it make him look ignorant to not even mention that other providers besides Planned Parenthood supply health services to low-income women, whether or not they are pregnant? Isn’t that intentionally misleading to so many women who are already marginalized through limited access to information and transportation? You would think he was defending a federal government agency and the work of every one of its employees, such as the postal service. Do people not have other means for mailing letters and packages?


  6. “I am just so darn sick and tired of this guy…..vote him back to Kenya!”
    Oh, come on, that’s not fair to Kenya.  What did they ever do to you?  Besides, Kenya is too good for him.  Let’s just send him back to Chicago.  They deserve each other.


  7. No, people of Chicago do not deserve such a punishment!  Send him simply to live in Cecile’s house.   They appear to share the same metaphorical bed already.    Then we can make like a Springer audience and chant to his wife: Drop that zero and find yourself a hero!  LOL!


  8. When is President Obama going to defend all the other little children that would look like Trayvon

    I don’t know! Let’s ask him on Twitter!!! :3?


  9. Obama ran an attack ad against Gianna Jessen in 2008.  He no doubt is furious that she survived the abortion. 


  10. b o and cecile richards are conjoined twins attached at the lip and sharing one cold dead heart.


  11. <super-dislike> … wait a minute… is this supposed to be a campaign ad endorsing Mr. Obama?… weird but the video seems to endorse Planned Parenthood… wow!!!! talk about PP’s power and Mr. Obama’s being beholden to it…allowing oneself to be used for PP’s agenda and business… How low will Mr. Obama go and how far will he allow himself to be bullied by PP???!!!


  12. Wow, what a bastion of misinformation I see here on these posts.  You people need to get your heads out of your butts.  Your hate is blinding you and making you accept rumor as fact.  Your uninformed sentiments are a great example of just what is wrong in the U.S. today.  My advice is to mind your own business, and stay out of my uterus.


  13. I have yet to find ANYWHERE where the United States pays for abortions…. you cant do it with medicare or medicaid…


  14. Wow, what’s with all the trolls today?
    I had a woman from Oregon tell me herself the state paid for all three of her abortions, so you guys are freaking full of it. Why don’t you all go bedazzle your uteri and leave the politiking to to people who actually care more about the country than getting coupons for free abortions?
    This list indicates which states basically disregard the Hyde Amendment (in the right column where it says, “Exceeding Federal Requirements”). 
    Who’s misinformed now? (HINT: It’s you guys)


  15. Plus, I notice Debo just wants to talk smack about everyone here on this thread spreading “misinformation”, yet doesn’t actually say anything in response to all the comments made about Gianna Jessen. Is she not real, Debo?


  16. Debo,
    I love that those who tell us to mind our own business don’t mind theirs but come here to tell us that…..

    Please enlighten us with the facts. Only the facts. 


  17. “Send him back to Kenya?” Racism, much?
    Cool guys. Really cool.
    I’d love to see the comments that were “moderated”. I’m sure they did nothing but disagree with your general viewpoints but okay.


  18. Let’s see. A group of crows is a murder. A gaggle of geese. What would it be for trolls? A bother?


  19. Elizabeth: “Send him back to Kenya?” Racism, much?

    Non sequitur much?

    What’s racist about it? Use any good, non-ad hoc definition of racism.

    Might be a silly remark, but I can’t see a darned thing racist about it. 

    Is this just another case where the threshold for judging one’s interlocutors is purposefully held ridiculously low, merely because you have such a stake in impugning pr0-lifers?

    Or are you so far gone that you really can’t distinguish racism from merely referring to things in the lives of people who happen to be black? Or white? People have joked — here, in fact, as I recall — that they’d happily help Alec Baldwin pack and move to Canada, since apparently he pledged to if Bush won the election. Does that imply that the speaker is racist?


  20. Debo: “My advice is to mind your own business, and stay out of my uterus.”

    No one posting here is a fetus, cliche troll. Save your advice for the parasitic little bastards you loathe. 

    hippie: Let’s just send him back to Chicago.  They deserve each other.” 

    That’s actually sadly true.

    The only pair more deserving of each other is Valerie Jarrett and Obama. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for Michelle interviewing with her for a job back in the early years of the Daley administration when he was her fiance, Obama would never be president today. And if anyone thinks Obama’s narcissistic, realize that Jarrett polishes the mirror and magnifies the adulation. It’s a weird White House. 


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