As I wrote a couple weeks ago, pro-life activist Todd Bullis recently relocated from California to Texas.

Recall Todd launched “The Church Project” while in California, showing graphic images of aborted babies on Sunday mornings in front of churches professing to be pro-life but bearing no fruit.

To say the least, Todd had interesting experiences at those churches – from being hosed by an off-duty police officer congregant at one church to having signs flipped over by a congregant at another.

Todd plans to continue his project in Plano.

This past Saturday Todd and his son decided to test the waters by holding a little two-person picket on a random high traffic street corner. Todd had run into rudeness when attempting to communicate his future plans in person to the Plano police department, so he decided to check out the lay of the land.

Plano Police Officer Steven Sanders, Badge #1439, responded to a complaint, and as Todd explains in his video, went above and beyond the call of duty to harassment.

Sanders refused to let Todd videotape him, claiming Todd’s camera just might be a gun. But I found a photo of Sanders, right, in a cigar club puff piece.

Sanders went out of his way to make trouble for Todd. For instance, Todd had parked his car in an empty church parking lot, not even knowing it belonged to a church a block away. Sanders said he was going to encourage the church to file trespassing charges.

I’ll let Todd take it from here…


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