(Prolifer)ations 3-2-12

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli

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  • Michael New examines the debate between Slate’s William Saletan and New York Times columnist Ross Douthat on the most effective way to reduce abortion rates.

  • Pro-Life Wisconsin discusses Catholic-in-name-only professor Dan McGuire of Marquette University who lavishes praise on Planned Parenthood in his new book and is a “virtual atheist.” He is an emeritus member of PP Wisconsin and has been banned by Cardinal Dolan from all Archdiocesan churches. So why is this man still teaching at a Catholic university?
  • ProLife NZ points out the hypocrisy of decrying sex-selection abortions while painting the eugenic abortion of the disabled as justifiable and “compassionate.”
  • Moral Outcry writes about the move toward mandating abortion insurance coverage in Washington State. The National Abortion Federation thinks it’s “awesome” that taxpayers will have no choice in the matter.

  • John Smeaton discusses the Glasgow midwives (Mary Doogan and Concepta Wood, pictured left) who objected to assisting with abortions and have now been “told that they must… oversee other midwives performing abortions on the labour ward.”
  • Stand for Life has listings of different churches and organizations that support abortion. Some are surprising, as they are supposed to be advocates for children, yet they support the destruction of those children before birth.
  • Secular Pro-Life is looking for volunteers to go and request court records in certain locations in Virginia, California, and New York City.
  • Vital Signs features an excerpt from an article on the Obama Administration’s attacks on religious liberty.
  • Real Choice favors “right-to-redress bills, [which] would allow the woman to sue the pants off any abortionist for failing to provide adequate informed consent” over mandated ultrasound laws:

    … I think that most approaches pro-lifers take to ensuring informed consent, including new ultrasound laws, while well-intended and helpful, are a bit off-kilter. The two problems I see are:

    1. Giving abortionists too much wiggle room to circumvent the laws
    2. Placing power in the hands of the state rather than the hands of the citizen

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45 thoughts on “(Prolifer)ations 3-2-12”

  1. So why is this man still teaching at a Catholic university?
    Because Jesuits don’t believe that Catholicism is so fragile that it will crumble under debate.


  2. Tonight on The Factor Leslie Marshall has now declared that the Contraceptive Mandate is now just about “cash.”  She is arguing that it is simply more cost effective for insurance companies to pay for the birth control now rather than the birth/abortion later. 

    This is the most blatant populatiion control mechanism yet.  She is basically arguing that it is more profitable for employers and insurance to ensure their employees never get pregnant.  Capitalism has now turned against the people.  This is socialism using capitalism against itself. 

    The only positive thing about the Leslie Marshall comment was that a liberal finally admitted it was simply about money – she took the Halo off for a change. 


  3. Stonehill College Student’s Lawsuit: Roommate Had ‘Disturbingly’ Open Sex Life
    Lindsay Blankmeyer Alleges Girl’s Wild Behavior Furthered Her Depression
    March 1, 2012 11:16 PM



    The article never identifies the ‘roommate’ by name, but it sounds like it could be Sandra Fluke.

    Suggest missy Fluke pull herself up by her own bra straps and pay for her own conception prevention.

    Yo! Missy Fluke, you and your ‘sexually liberated’ sisters keep your uteri out of my wallet.

    If you can’t afford to pay for your own contraception, I suggest you control yourself, or failing to do that, maybe you should stop giving it away and start charging for your services.

    Then you can come by a little more disposable income to purchase you own recreational drugs.

    I keep hearing that nearly half of all pregnancys are ‘unintended’.

    My wife was pregnant seven times.

    None of them were ‘unintended’ or ‘unplanned’.

    All of them were welcome.

    Our only regrets were two of them ended in spontaneous miscarriages.


  4. If Sandra Fluke would put on about 50 pounds she would probably get a phone call from another former democRAT president. [aka disbarred lawyer and impeached president]

    Then they cound enter in to negotiations about what kind of contraception to use and who would pay for it.

    Of course there would have to be a provision dealing with ‘conception’ and who would be responisble to pay for what.

    But then, whos kidding who?

    We are dealing with two liberals and that contract would have a shorter life expectancy than any future unintended and unplanned pregnancy resulting from their canoodling.


  5. Ken:  If Sandra Fluke would put on about 50 pounds she would probably get a phone call from another former democRAT president. [aka disbarred lawyer and impeached president]
    Dude, you’re bad….  :)  :)


  6. Tyler,
    Leslie Marshall, has seemed like an agreeable liberal, but boy she showed her side’s true colors. Of course, they’re only following the mantra of their Dear Leader. They don’t want us punished with babies.
    Like Scrooge, they consider just about any baby as adding to the “surplus population”.


  7. I am so over hearing people personally attack and vilify this woman for having a different opinion on the mandate than us. Nasty disgusting attacks that add nothing to the debate and just make the people opposing the mandate look like woman-hating jerks. So. Over. It. 


  8. She can have any opinion she feels like. Just don’t pick our pockets for an elective medical product.
    I’m not rummaging through her purse so I can buy nutritional supplements for myself.


  9. Well, I haven’t heard you call her a prostitute for disagreeing with you Hans, so there’s that. This stuff is getting out of hand, I have no idea why people cannot disagree and have a respectful debate.  


  10. Yeah, I wouldn’t say such a thing, but I’d be close to thinking it. I can understand the anger and frustation with her audacity. But calling names only detracts from the argument.


  11. No rational person would take ken’s “identification” if Ms. Fluke seriously.  For the irrational: this is Ms. Fluke’s background.


  12. Sandra Fluke broadcast a communique similar to those found written on restroom walls: “For a good time call…”.

    missy Fluke has saved the scribe, and the custodian who removes the scribbling, the labor.

    No one twisted Flukes arm or held a suction canula to her uterus.

    missy Fluke willingly introduced both herself, her sex life and her finances into the public discourse.

    All are now fair game for discussion.

    “Being destined to receive [punishment as] the reward of [their] unrighteousness [suffering wrong as the hire for their wrongdoing]. They count it a delight to revel in the daytime [living luxuriously and delicately]. They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their deceptions and carousing together [even] as they feast with you.
    They have eyes full of harlotry, insatiable for sin. They beguile and bait and lure away unstable souls. Their hearts are trained in covetousness (lust, greed), [they are] children of a curse [exposed to cursing]!”

    Fluke has also offerred that her parents do not share her ‘polictics’ and, I believe it would be fair to infer, her ‘morality’.

    If they were proud parents you can bet your Prius they would be front and center with Fluke on the morning talk shows.


  13. Jack, just because a man criticizes a woman for her lack of judgment and morals doesn’t make him a woman-hater. That’s playing their game.


  14. It is impossible to have a respectful debate with someone who DEMANDS that you violate your 2000 year old unchangeable beliefs under threat of fines or PRISON just because they are too lazy to go to Planned Parenthood for their free birth control, and who, when you object to being FORCED to violate your 2000 year old religious beliefs, calls you a member of a misogynistic cult hell-bent on oppressing women.


  15. Hi JackBorsch and Hans Johnson,

    You both make good points. Vilifying the woman’s appearance is infantile and puts one at the same level as the Bill Clinton toadies who vilified the women who accused him of sex crimes. Intelligently disucuss the issue as you both do.

    What should we all pay for next? OTC drugs, feminine and masculine “hygiene” products, Depends, toothpaste and tootbrushes? I and my husband take all kinds of nutritional supplements and am convinced they maintain our good health and help prevent diabetic complications in my husband. Certainly all of these items could be classified as essential health care needs and the responsibility of the taxpayer to provide.

    If memory serves me correct the women who accused Clinton of everything from exposing himself to rape were reviled and ridiculed as bimboes, trailer trash, psychotics, and liars by toadies of Bill Clinton.  Interesting that we heard no outrage from Democrat women or media controversy or outrage over this like we did about Ms.Fluke being ridiculed as a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh.
    I haven’t followed this controversy at all but the double standard here is glaring.

    Also keep in mind how legal abortion was gradually introduced and made acceptable.
    First we get the sob stories, i.e. women needing abortion to save their lifes, women need BCPs to control medical conditions.
    Second: Socioeconomic unfairness.
    Third: How society benefits when “unwanted” children go unborn

    Looks like everything old is new again.


  16. If as Ms.Fluke says women need BCPs for medical reasons, fine. Changes can be made to insurance coverage for these situations. I know that certain otherwise “cosmetic” procedures are covered by insurance if they are determined to be medically necessary, i.e. the use of breast implants after mastectomy, or because of physical deformity or accident.
    As for Ms Fluke’s concern about insurance companies making personal inquiries about the use of BCPs, get used to it. If you want them to pay for anything, they are going to do beaucoup inquiring.


  17. You fellas on this blog really need to get behind the 8 ball here.

    Are you aware that testosterone replacement therapy has been found to be hugely beneficial to men’s health? So why aren’t you demanding coverage of this therapy by your insurance companies and the taxpayer?

    Come on guys, fair is fair, ya think??


  18. Mary,

    Some of the males who frequent this conversation are afflicted with testiculus absentus.

    The introduction of testosterone at this stage of their life might be more than their Prius can handle.


  19. Hi Ken,

    LOL. In all seriousness, TRT has been found to prevent many “male” health issues such as abdominal protrusion(fat) and muscle deterioration(flabbiness), prostate and heart problems, dementia, etc. Why do you suppose all those young bucks don’t suffer these afflictions? Bingo.
    Oh and there are other benefits of course.

    But Ken fair is fair. You and the other guys on this blog, as well as men in general, should go testify before congress as to why this essential health product should be covered by insurance or subsidized by the taxpayer.

    Certainly its cheaper than paying for all these above mentioned health afflictions later in life.


  20. Some more examples of the left’s double standard.

    Laura Ingraham called a slut by Ed Schultz.

    The vicious attacks on Sarah Palin and her family.

    Ms Fluke and friends: Keep your wombs out of my bank account.


  21. Courtnay, the thing is, they aren’t criticizing her politics, or even her personal life. They are simply calling her a slut, a prostitute, and saying she has “so much sex she is going broke”, calling her a dog…. all because she disagrees about the mandate. That’s disgusting, and certainly has nothing to do with anything she has actually done. It’s like the people who talked about how Palin should have aborted Trig and made fun of her daughter, just because of her politics. I was just as irritated about that and I can’t STAND Palin. I just think it’s pathetic that Rush, O’Reilly, and our buddy Ken here can’t disagree with her without making a bunch of assumptions about her personal life and calling her names. 


  22. “missy Fluke willingly introduced both herself, her sex life and her finances into the public discourse.
    All are now fair game for discussion.”

    Except that she didn’t bring up her personal life. Y’all just want to paint it that way, because it’s much easier to paint her as a whore than make a valid argument against.

     At least Mary addressed the woman’s valid points, without deciding to trash her. Thank you Mary. I agree with you about the hypocrisy, but I have seen a lot more viciousness on the right than the left. 


  23. And even if she did have more sexual partners than you personally approve of, that justifies name calling and the hideous stuff people have said about her. Sure…. I totally remember that Bible story where Jesus told the woman at the well she was a stupid whore, lol. And remember when he told the Pharisees to stone the adultress, just to go on ahead and do it because she was a slut? Oh wait, yeah, that’s not what happened there. 


  24. Hey lefties who have been inquiring as to our definition of “loose”, etc.:
    Wanna know how much sex is too much?
    Any sex you can’t afford to pay for yourself. THAT is “too much”.
    Seriously. If you are having sex so much that the cost of protection/contraceptives is getting to be a burden and impacting your life in negative ways (financially), you might have a problem with sex addiction, and you should get some help.


  25. I agree with Fred Barnes when he said Ms. Fluke states that her need for free contraception should trump the religious doctrine of the university that she choose to attend and I disagree. It is amazing to me that you can freely choose to attend a Catholic university because you deserve to have a quality education and then you demand not only  that the religious college abandon their beliefs to accommodate your personal needs and pay for it.
    How about I choose to go to a Seventh Day Adventist school. They do not believe in eating pork but I demand that I be served bacon each morning in the cafeteria free of charge because I must have my bacon.


  26. So should I petition my employer for providing us with an insurance plan that covers prenatal care? Isn’t it entirely “elective” to get pregnant and have a child?


  27. Megan, that depends. Does anyone seriously have a moral objection to prenatal care?


  28. That’s not really relevant to my question, JDC. People on this particular thread are talking about the necessity of certain procedures, not their moral implications. From a pure cost-utility perspective, why shouldn’t having a child be considered as any less “elective” than preventing conception from occurring?


  29. Sorry about that Megan. Clearly my mind is somewhere else today. So back to the topic at hand, I guess they both are elective.


  30. Also…Everyone DOES understand that, no matter HOW MUCH SEX YOU HAVE, you still only have to take your pill once a day, right? XD


  31. From http://www.medterms.com:
    Elective: In medicine, something chosen (elected). An elective procedure is one that is chosen (elected) by the patient or physician that is advantageous to the patient but is not urgent.
    Elective surgery is decided by the patient or their doctor. The procedure is seen as beneficial but not absolutely essential at that time

    By this definition, prenatal care may not actually be entirely elective because at the time it comes into play it can be argued that it is necessary in a time sensitive way. However, obviously getting pregnant in the first place is entirely elective, so I suppose this is something of a grey area.


  32. Well, if our well-known prude (Not!) xalisae is skeptical of this woman’s testimony, we must be on the right track here.
    She’s also right about Rush saying Fluke “has so much sex” because of how much she says it costs her. I’m no expert, but even I know you don’t guzzle down the Pill like M&Ms.


  33. It’s 1K a year for 3 years of law school. Hannity kept getting that wrong.
    But how about hitting the books for a few years instead of “hitting that”?


  34. Hi Susie Allen,

    It grated me when Ms. Fluke feigned blissful ignorance that a Catholic school might, just might, not cover the cost of contraception. Give me a break. This woman is 30y/o and educated?  She made the choice where to go to law school, as did her classmates.
    That’s like my claiming I’m aghast that my Hindu employer forbids meat on the premises.
    Hey, my dietary needs require that I eat meat! Certainly my employer should show compassion and understanding for my needs. He calls himself a religious man? Isn’t that what religion is all about?? Oh sure I knew he was a Hindu when I went to work for him, but, well, that’s beside the point.

    Anyone attending a grad school knows a lot of belt tightening is in order. No one saw any obligation to pick up the cost of my books, tuition, gas, food, rent, utility bills, personal care and hygiene products, or…birth control. Or to help pay for the food my husband had to begin eating when his diabetes developed while I was in school.

    What did she say birth control pills cost? About a $1000/year? What’s that, $80/month, give or take? A little more than $3 a day. It costs me more than that to eat in the cafeteria at work. What about condoms? Weren’t these touted as great birth control when they encouraged teens to use them? Maybe Ms. Fluke and her classmates should put a few dollars aside each day and carry their lunches or not use the vending machines.


  35. Hi JackBorsch, 12:07PM

    Thank you for the kind words.
    I’m afraid I must disagree about the trashing. While neither side can claim innocence, I have found the trashing by the left far more vicious, hateful, bigoted, …..and completely overlooked and tolerated… than anything on the right.

    My favorite example is Clarence Thomas, who at worst talked dirty, if he even did that, being reviled as some sort of drooling sexual predator while Bill Clinton, who was accused of everything from exposing himself to rape, is slapped on the back and laughed
    off as Bubba just having a little fun.


  36. JB,

    I suggest you become more familiar with your source material before you use it justify your position.

    The woman at the well did NOT advertise that she had mulitple husbands and was currently in a relationship with a man who was NOT her husband till after Jesus confronted her.

    It seems she was comfortable with her ‘sin’.

    She did NOT approach Jesus panhandling and demanding that HE make special accomodations for her because she was a woman or a Samaritan.

    She was not lobbying Jesus to confiscate the fruit of another persons labor and then give it to her to spend on herself.

    If ms Fluke is affiliated with the democRAT party her character is suspect for good cause.

    When Flukes sashays into the committee room lobbying congress for free recreational drugs for her and her progressive posse then she has only confirmed what we at first only suspected her character to be.

    When the woman caught in adultery was brought to Jesus, HIS last words to her were stop doing that.

    I listened to missy Flukes sales pitch before that committee and it can be summed up in this short sentence,  “Extreme cases make bad law.”


  37. Hi Mary,

    I was like… ten, I think, when the Clinton scandals were happening, and I don’t remember when the Thomas scandal happened, but I will take your word for it. I do remember my parents pastor blaming Hilary for Bills behavior though. :( I can certainly agree that both sides can be disgustingly hypocritical and cruel.


  38. I know how the story goes, Ken. How many times did Jesus call her a whore and a slut? How many times did he make fun of her?


  39. Hi JackBorsch,

    How disgusting that a pastor, of all people, would blame Hillary! Unfortunately he wasn’t the exception. Any number of apologists, and that includes other clergy, were falling all over themselves to “explain” and excuse Bill’s behavior. The very feminists who screamed for the head of Clarence Thomas were strangely silent when their boy Billy got caught with his pants down, literally.
    Bill Clinton’s flashing of Paula Jones was referred to as “propositioning”. If you did the same thing, you would be called a sexual degenerate.


  40. JB,

    You are the one who keeps tossing the verboten words around.

    Society sets standards of acceptable behavior.

    How many different sexual partners does one have to have in one day, one week, one month, one year to qualify as promiscuous?

    How many different sexual partners can one have in one day, one week, one month, one year and still maintain their virtue?

    When Sandra Flukes parents join her on the morning talk show rounds and declare, “Behold, our daughter in whom we are well pleased.”, then I will give your objections some consideration.


  41. JB,

    I don’t blame Hillary for slick willy’s behavior. He alone is responsible and accountable for his philandering.

    I blame her for her silence and her decision to ‘stand by her man’ which resulted having to endure more years of that lying lout in the white house.

    It’s not like Hillary was the sterotypical barefoot pregnant and dependent woman who was reluctant to leave her cheating husband for fear she would be unable to make it on her own.

    I blame Hillary for subordinating her daughters emotional well being to Hillary’s political ambitions.


  42. HI Ken 10:34PM

    Was this post to ridicule Monica Lewinsky? What saddens me is that this is a young woman who’s life was destroyed by Clinton. He of course remains the lovable bubba, she remains a reviled, ridiculed and very lonely recluse.
    Yes I know she was a grown woman who made a bad choice. He was also a man old enough to be her father who should have made wiser choices.
    Apparently women still stand in line for Bubba’s affection and always will.


  43. “That’s like my claiming I’m aghast that my Hindu employer forbids meat on the premises.”

    Exactly Mary.  If there were such a thing as a Muslim University in the United States and I decided to attend, I would be an idiot if I expected ham sandwiches be served in the cafeteria. I would be a idiotic bigot if I demanded ham be served.  I would be an idiotic self-centered bigot if I demanded ham be served for free.


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