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  • The Passionate Pro-Lifer has a revealing piece on infamous late-term Colorado abortionist Warren Hern, who is apparently an environmentalist doing his part to eliminate humanity, which he calls “a malignancy – in the planetary ecosystem. The human species now displays all the major characteristics of a malignant process.”
  • Timmerie Millington has testimonials and video on individuals with Down syndrome, in honor of World Down Syndrome Day, held this past week:


  • John Smeaton points out African mothers’ desire for real maternal healthcare. Most of the government funding goes toward groups like Ipas for abortion funding, while mothers who choose to give birth do so in substandard conditions.
  • Human Life Matters points out Canada’s seeming disdain for the disabled, as evidenced by the open public discussion of euthanizing disabled children as well as the support for the parents who kill them. Would the same support be shown to parents if they “mercifully killed” their healthy children?

    Wesley J. Smith has thoughts on this topic as well.

  • Reflections of a Paralytic asks, “what is normal?” as it relates to individuals with disabilities:

    Do we not all develop our own sense of “normalcy” based on our individual likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, abilities and disabilities? Why would children with disabilities, though they may not be the picture of perfect health, be any different?

    In fact, researchers at Newcastle University recently… demonstrated that “disabled children… have the same range of happiness and unhappiness as all children.” As they grow up and develop their sense of self, “they see their disabilities as part as who they are… (and) they perceived their position in life no differently as their friends in the general population.” In other words, yes, children with disabilities will develop their own sense of “normalcy” just like anyone else and they will enjoy their lives immensely… if they’re given the opportunity.

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