First, a recap of what Rush said…

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Now, just a few examples of what the Left has said (WARNING: graphic)…

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 I don’t normally defend something I or someone else did wrong by pointing to something someone else did that was worse.

This exercise is to merely point out the hypocrisy of President Obama and the Left. They bluster when a conservative calls one of their own a rather tame epithet, but Obama accepts $1 million from a man who repeatedly uses the worst slur of them all against both conservative and liberal women.

On that and its related topic, here were my top five favorite political cartoons of the week, beginning with one by Glenn McCoy at

 by Toby Toons

 by Chip Bok at, relating the call that should have been were Sandra Fluke an authentic feminist…

 by Gary McCoy at

 and another good one by Glenn McCoy at

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