A couple weeks ago a lady struck up a conversation with me as I sat enjoying the weather at an outdoor cafe in Washington, D.C.  Not long into it she wondered what I did for a living. I told her pro-life work, which always elicits an interesting response.

But this one was new. “So, are you one of those pro-life crazies?” she asked.

A bit taken aback I hesitated, then answered, “By the definition I expect you use, yes, I am. I believe in protesting and showing photos of aborted babies.”

“That’s good,” she said. “I always ask that question to people who tell me they’re pro-life, and if they say they’re not radical about it, I ask them how can they consider themselves pro-life. If they really believe abortion kills babies, they should be going all out to stop it.”

I told her she’d make a great pro-lifer.

This brings me to a new flier making waves, coincidentally in that same neck of the woods. It is directed at Todd Stave, who I wrote a couple weeks ago has launched a new website, Voice of Choice, to out pro-life activists, and who is co-owner of the Germantown, Maryland, mill where late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart kills children. A pro-life activist in the area has determined “no justice, no peace” for Stave and has been distributing this flier. Click to enlarge…
The flier is getting press. From Washington Jewish Week, March 28:

When Gary Cohen first saw the flier that was left in his Rockville door last week, he was “horrified. It was horrible. It freaked my kids out. The whole thing was really over the top.”…

The fliers were distributed March 21 in one neighborhood in Rockville and another in Potomac. Living in the two neighborhoods are the landlords of a woman’s clinic in Germantown that performs abortions.

Todd Stave and his sister, Nancy Samuels, own the Germantown building, having inherited it when their [abortionist] father passed away….

I’ll have more on this in my weekend question tomorrow, but for now, what do you think of the flier? Someone from the other side sent it to me, wanting me to condemn it, but I couldn’t. I responded by asking what was inaccurate about it.

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